Save, Spend, Splurge: What To Gift Your Bestie On Her Birthday!

Save, Spend, Splurge: What To Gift Your Bestie On Her Birthday!

Your bestie has seen you cry, laugh, puke at the club (last weekend!), she knows every side of you; all your flaws that she so readily accepts. And on her special day, it’s only fair that you give her the best of everything (god knows she deserves it; even she doesn’t think so). She’s your rock and still the little bundle of joy who fixes everything. Your ‘go-to person’ might be a devil but it doesn’t matter, as long as she is YOUR devil. So, we made a list of birthday gifts for your bestie for every budget (you can save, spend or splurge), take your pick!


Girl Boss Compact Book

01 save - gifts for your bestie

Your girl is a boss lady and she deserves to know that! This Girl Boss Compact Book (Rs 199) is as affordable as it gets and looks classy AF.

Body Wash - Neroli & Hibiscus

02 save - gifts for your bestie

Happily Unmarried just introduced a line of body care products and they are as crazy and quirky as your BFF! Get her this Body Wash (Rs 350) just because everyone deserves true love.


Boxed Champagne Flutes, Set of 8

01 spend - gifts for your bestie

What’s better than sipping champagne in your pajamas? Nothing. This Champagne Flute Set (Rs 2,101) is actually a gift you’re giving yourself, a great thing to have handy at your sleepovers.

Unicorn Onesie - Pink

02 spend - gifts for your bestie

She is as unique as a unicorn, so why not get her a Unicorn Onesie (Rs 2,999) and set it in stone once and for all? Plus, the sheer amount of surprise on her face would be totally worth it.


Endeavour Tripod Floor Lamp

02 splurge - gifts for your bestie

For the inner hipster that lives in everybody (you can deny it, but you know you love those tiny mason jars!). This Tripod Floor Lamp (Rs 9,999) is practical and will definitely light up her room and life (though that’s usually your job).

Steamer Mini Trunk - Biscuit

01 splurge - gifts for your bestie

If your bestie is a traveller at heart, then this is the perfect gift for her. And if she isn’t, maybe this Steamer Mini Trunk (Rs 12,500) will convince her to get out of bed this long weekend!

Get shopping, sexy!