7 Steps To Nailing That Job Interview Like A Pro

7 Steps To Nailing That Job Interview Like A Pro

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”  ― Robert H. Schuller

Interviews are all about impressing the interviewer with the requisite skills that you possess and how they match the profile that you have applied for. If only it were that simple. It takes a little more to really stand out and actually become ‘the chosen one’. We’ve designed this one-stop easy tool-kit for you to be fully prepared for your next job interview. From taking care of your clothes to your soft skills, we’ve got it all covered. Meanwhile, recruiters better watch out!

1. Do some research work on the job profile

It is always better to go prepared when it comes to an interview. By prepared, we mean you thoroughly understand the role and responsibilities, and brush up your knowledge on understanding the skill set required for the post. Read up about the organisation and its overall mission. Moreover, reading up a little on the latest projects undertaken by the firm and its online presence is always desirable.

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2. Knowing a little about the interviewer’s background helps

Try to find out who is interviewing you, seeing their LinkedIn profiles, asking around current employees of the organisation is a good way to make a distinctive impression during the interview.

3. Dress to impress

Since light travels faster than sound, therefor selecting an outfit for interview is very important. If you’re smartly dressed in a pair of chic formals, you would surely be better received. We aren’t saying that dressing well is all you need to crack the interview, but dressing for the role you desire definitely lets the interviewer see you in the prospective role, before they get down to the questioning.

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4. Practise interviewing, because practise is the key to perfection

Dressing well and having all the right skills is just half the job done when nailing an interview. Play interviewing with friends and family is the extra mile that would take you a longer way. Try resumé-based questions, case studies and other behavioral interjections to get you going. Most of all, know what you want out of the job and yourself before going for it. That way, the questions won’t leave you feeling lost.

5. Plan what you need to carry for the interview

One day before the interview, we suggest you get all the documents you need in order. Go through the interview letter, create a checklist and get yourself all set with your resumé, certificates and any other pre-requisites. Getting your clothes ironed all crisp to be worn should be another chore on your pre- interview to-do list. Plan ahead as to how long the commute would take and prepare beforehand for any last-minute delays that might occur.

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6. Get your interview etiquette game on!

Do a little homework on interview etiquette. From greeting the interviewer, to shaking hands firmly - learn all the body language tricks you need to leave a lasting impression. Trust us, these little things make a big difference. And never mind if you’re feeling a little nervous; it’s only human. Just remember that everything works out for the best and wear that thought with confidence.

7. Prepare how you’ll be introducing yourself

Not many people would tell you this but going well prepared with a short introduction about yourself, strategically highlighting your strengths and skills takes you a long way when it comes to interviews. In fact, one of the first things an interviewer asks is for you to tell him, or her, a little about yourself. So, it pays to know about your own self, professionally, too.
Hint: These days, apart from technical skills, interviewers really look for all-around candidates who possess a certain level of confidence and soft skills, as well.

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