Children's Day Special: This 4-Year-Old Shows Us How Have Fun With Make-Up!

Children's Day Special: This 4-Year-Old Shows Us How Have Fun With Make-Up!

Do you remember those times when nothing gave you more joy than rummaging through your mom’s dresser? Little things like playing with my mom’s dented compact powder or applying her favourite lipstick brought me more joy than I can remember.

And it’s great to see someone do the same. 


Meet Minnie, a four-year-old who comes with a natural charisma as well as her mom’s make-up stash. Minnie introduces herself (like the rest of us on Instagram) and asks a question we’ve all been seeking an answer to.

kid imitates beauty bloggers 1

Like any other pro, as she imitates beauty bloggers, she first blends in her foundation followed by her colour-correcting concealer. By the way, have you noticed how we all open our mouths when blending?

Moving onto her eyelashes, she’s delighted to see that a mascara actually works! 

kid imitates beauty bloggers 3

Keeping it trendy with a liquid matte lipstick, little Minnie uses the lippie wand like a pro. And then she says something EVERYONE can relate to!

kid imitates beauty bloggers 4

She did get into a spot when her powder didn’t blend (we’ve been there too, Minnie!) but handles it with panache by ditching the brush and going all in with her hands.  

kid imitates beauty bloggers 5

She ends the video by teaching us a thing or two, to drown out the noise. 

kid imitates beauty bloggers 6

Minnie is not the only micro beauty blogger who has won our hearts. Facebook Star, Mila is also quite a rage. She is highly opinionated and takes her skincare regime very seriously.

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And don’t forget these make-up artists in the making. 

So this Children’s Day, remember to have a little fun, just like we did when we were young.

Celebrate this occasion and have a little fun with #LetsGoWithPlixxo! More details here.