6 Common Fashion Mistakes That Can Make You Look Larger!

6 Common Fashion Mistakes That Can Make You Look Larger!

When it comes to fashion - proportion and balance are of utmost importance. As we get older, our bodies tend to change but that doesn’t mean we have to look older or larger than our age. Some of us get carried away by the current trends and end up looking like a sack of potato. Therefore, it’s important to understand your body type to avoid a fashion faux pas. So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest fashion mistakes and how to correct them.

1. Layering


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Celebs, fashion bloggers and stylists may be hung up on this trend, but too many layers will make you look like a sack. Period. There is a fine line between dowdy and flattering layers. Again, we can’t help but stress upon about balance and proportion. If you want to go really loose on top, pick a fitted trousers or leggings to balance out the effect.   

2. Tight Clothing

Just because something stretches, does not mean it should. Sure, tight dresses and gowns look amazing and you’re probably going to kill it at the party with your sexy dress. But squeezing into a dress that is too tight for your body type will only make you look unnaturally large and accentuate your figure in the wrong way.

3.  Printed pieces

Prints are one of the biggest trends this season and are definitely not going anywhere soon. However, if you’re on the curvier side, be careful as busy prints add volume and dimension to the body. Pick delicate prints for a ladylike effect.

4. Turtlenecks


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Again, a stylish and recurring trend, turtlenecks hide that beautiful long neck of yours that gives an illusion of a slender body. It definitely looks good if you’re size 0 but if you’re a regular size, avoid this trend as it tends to make your body appear heavier on top.

5. Puffy Jackets


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Puffy jackets are super comfortable and handy for chilly winter nights. However, they make you look bulky. The key is to pick quilted puffer jackets over insulated ski ones, as they tend to balance out the heaviness.  

6. Skinny Jeans


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Skinny Jeans are an absolute favourite and will remain so. However, if you’re a curvaceous lady with a wide waist and hips to die for, rethink incorporating skinny jeans into your wardrobe as it accentuates your figure in all the wrong places.