Kate Middleton's Fashionable Lesson On Why Loyalty Is Royalty

 Kate Middleton's Fashionable Lesson On Why Loyalty Is Royalty

Ask any girl and she would tell you how much she hates repeating her outfit. Endorsed by celebrity lifestyle and wardrobe choices, we often let us believe that it’s the biggest fashion crime you can commit. But if you look at reality, there really is no reason to beat yourself up over this thought. Getting dressed is actually to fulfil one practical reason - to look good! However, we are conditioned into believing that we all need to wear a different outfit and look absolutely different when we step out. This is the myth, we are trying, to burst here.

Speaking of famous people, here is that one moment of epiphany that changed my life. I want to share it with you in hope that it clears some webs too! The other day while scrolling through Instagram I came across a page on Instagram that showed Kate Middleton wearing the same blazer for two different occasions. If royalty can show loyalty towards certain outfits, isn’t it about time we change the way we think too?



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Not just her, if you look at the pattern of most successful people from around the world, you’d see them making minimal efforts to look dapper yet make such a big impact when they move around. Is this because they invest in the rest of their time investing in what they do best? Maybe! Don’t get me wrong when I say this, we’re all doing great for ourselves. However, it’s time we start to take things a little easy. Maybe it’s time we should be okay wearing the same outfit twice if it makes us look better. Nothing will change the way you look and you don’t let anything come in the way.

Pro tip: The time you’re planning to repeat your outfit, try changing your hairstyle or accessories to trick people into believing that you look different. It works wonders, every time! You’re welcome.

Stay beautiful, you!