10 Life Struggles Every Woman Faces, From Manicures To Periods

10 Life Struggles Every Woman Faces, From Manicures To Periods

Let’s face it, as women our lives require a substantial amount of administrative work. From reminding ourselves to get waxed every few weeks to just finding underwear that fits well, or just remembering to keep that extra pad in our bags, lest Queen B comes visiting. Here are 10 struggles - some annoying and some plain funny - that we’re only too familiar of having faced as women. It’s just another day in our lives, anyway!     

1. Getting threading done… every damn week!

It’s really a task and an irritating one at that. We have to carefully coordinate and time our eyebrows and upper lip threading so that we don’t end up going twice!

1 everyday struggles women face

2. Finding the right bra that’s…

Sexy, comfy, looks different, feels amazing and isn’t too expensive. Hmm, seems like a herculean task that only a woman would be willing to undertake, right? Most days we find our way out, but sometimes, it’s downright frustrating. Pretty sure unicorns are found easier than these!

3. The monthly demon!

No matter how prepped we are for this one, our periods are a perpetual source of disappointment (and relief at the same time). It’s a struggle to wear light colours and even show up at work without the feeling of slowly dying on the inside.

3 everyday struggles women face

4. Waxing…

Especially bikini waxing. Gosh, it’s a task to get it done regularly. With every strip being pulled against our skin, we feel our soul pretty much leaving the building, too. But, we are willing to undergo the ordeal every single month because we also like how it feels to have baby-soft skin!

5. Walking in heels…

Only to trip, stumble and come back home with feet full of blisters! Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that her catwalk was definitely not an easy feat to achieve! We’re still thanking our stars for wedge heels though.

5 everyday struggles women face

6. Getting the perfect winged eyeliner…

In one go… next to impossible! And in case you’ve decided to try it for date night, be rest assured that the force will not be strong with this one.

7. Eating without counting calories!

And things also kinda go downhill if, like me, you also love binging on sweet treats. It’s just unfair having to choose between having a piece of red velvet cake and fitting into my favourite dress!

7 everyday struggles women face

8. Explaining to your boyfriend…

Well, mostly explaining anything is a struggle, but explaining why you’re mad at him after a huge fight is a task in itself. They don’t get it in one go… neither do they get it after one fight... nor after ten! Why are we still trying anymore?

9. Nails that chip

After the most heavenly manicure session that results in nails that look too pretty to touch, and having spent a bomb on getting that nail art done, you just had to bang your nail and chip off that beautiful paint. Happens every second day! And yet, we don’t give up.

9 everyday struggles women face

10. Should I buy that dress?

… or not? This is one dilemma every woman faces on a regular basis and is something she just can’t ignore because it’s not just a passing struggle… it’s every day, every time we go to the mall, or browse through something online.

How many of these do you relate to?

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