How Your Energy Helps You Manifest Everything You Want In Life

How Your Energy Helps You Manifest Everything You Want In Life

Life is just energy. It’s various densities showing up in various forms - as a human being, a tree, a gem, a computer, water, air, emotions, thoughts, colours, sounds… it’s all energy at a particular, defining vibration and frequency.

Energy Medicine works on the premise that everybody has an individual energy matrix, field, or grid which connects to other energy matrixes, the sum of which are all enclosed in the divine Source matrix. It’s most obvious effect shows in how quickly we react to another human being – you can meet someone for the first time and instantly connect, or vice versa, without even knowing any details about them. That information comes through the matrix. In exactly the same way, we have a permanent connection with the Source matrix and can receive its wisdom, abundance, love and healing powers anytime we choose.

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One of the ways we heal illnesses, or diseases today is actually a fragmentation of mind and body – the doctor either treats as a General Practitioner (or surgeon), or a psychiatrist (psychologist) and neither communicates with the other – they work independently so our current model of medicine is not holistic; it ignores the crucial mind-body-heart connect. How you think and feel show up in the body and your life because your body is constantly responding i.e. is symptomatic, to what you are thinking (mind) and what you are feeling (heart).

And so, the only medicine that is holistic is one that takes into consideration all mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of you. The only energy that connects them all is, well, energy itself!

Imagine this energy to be a river that flows from above the top of your head to below the bottom of your feet, and above, again. Like any river, there are various currents that need to flow together in harmony. When exposed to stress, distress, illness or any form of disharmony (as in unhealthy habits of eating, drinking, sleeping, and relating to self, or others) over a period of time, this river can get blocked, choked or stagnated. Stuck.

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On an almost daily basis, the river cleanses itself out (usually when we sleep), but a constant inflow of debris - because of our life’s circumstances, situations and habits - pile up the toxins in the field. In our life, these would show up as ill health in our relationships, such as with...

  1. Ourselves (showing in patterns of severe self-criticism, self-flagellation, self-loathing, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, no self-respect, despair, addictions, chronic insecurity, mental disorders, procrastination and disconnectedness),

  2. Others (showing in patterns of abuse, disharmony, blame games, unsustainability, unable to give or receive love, withdrawal, isolation, jealousy, hatred, envy, judgemental-criticising behaviors, superiority/inferiority complex)

  3. Money (showing in patterns of inconsistency, lack of savings, monitoring down to the last paisa, constant anxiety over paying bills, inability to ask for one’s worth, unable to give or receive monies )

  4. The Universe (showing in patterns of distrust, lack of faith, a chronic sense of unworthiness and undeservingness, debilitating fear, a U-O-me attitude and an inability to heal).

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The end result of stuck energies is always negative thoughts, emotions and behavior, reflecting in having been stuck in the most important areas of our lives – love, money, good health and a deeper connection with God. However, the key to moving forward is realising that all negativity is a stuck, stagnating energy flow and that there is one, and only one, medicine available for this.

To understand this a little more, the law of attraction is based on

1) Everything is energy; and that  

2) Like attracts like.

Unfortunately, that also means that once the toxins have piled up, they have no choice but to attract more toxins in the form of toxic situations, toxic addictions and toxic relationships. So, even though you wish to feel better, whatever you try doesn’t last and can leave you feeling worse. (Perhaps you are nodding here?)

Fortunately, that also means that we can attract what we do want!

Like Rumi said, ‘It is not your job to seek love, it is your job to go within and see the barriers you have built against it’. Energy medicine detoxes, cleanses, unblocks and heals those barriers, making you a formidable manifesting magnet for all that you do want!

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All your currents come into balance, harmony and tranquillity. A consistent dose of it makes you...

  1. Feel better, usually from the first time itself, along with receiving in 24 to 72 hours...

  2. Unexpected monies like tax refunds, treats where another pays for you;

  3. Delayed monies showing up (how cool is this!);

  4. Unexpected gifts;

  5. Savings (the cabbie takes less, or the grocer just gives you more);

  6. More compliments;

  7. Opportunities for career expansions, or partnerships;

  8. Immediate ease in relationships

  9. Confidence in the workplace – presentations, meetings, appraisals just aren’t that stressful anymore! Neither is asking for more monies, or your due!

  10. Have a calmer mind;

  11. Begin making decisions from a place of clarity;

  12. Smile more :)

  13. Have better eyesight and hearing;

  14. Want to love and accept yourself and others;

  15. Have a sense of connectedness in the world, beginning with yourself;

  16. Replace the unworthiness with your birthright of worthiness and deserving;

  17. Begin receiving easily;

  18. Start releasing habits of self-sabotage;

  19. Manifest more money easily and effortlessly;

  20. Release excess weight.


Image Source: Pexels