10 Crazy Thoughts Every Girl Has A Month Before Her Wedding!

10 Crazy Thoughts Every Girl Has A Month Before Her Wedding!

“I’ll be married in less than a month, and I have no idea how to feel about it!” These few words easily sum up everything a girl feels and experiences before her wedding. She’s happy yet sad, excited yet anxious. A ‘to-be bride’ is the perfect example of an oxymoron (it’s funny but we’re not kidding!) Though it’s difficult to actually point out everything a girl is feeling a month before the wedding, here are a few things we could come up with!

1. “I am going to be in this house for only one more month, but I can only sleep comfortable in my own bed! What will I do???”

2. “My mom and I always shopped for everything together… I can’t even pick my clothes on my own. What will I even do without her!”

3. “Even my friends will start getting emotional about me getting married now! How will I handle them?”

3 before the wedding

4. “My outfit isn’t even ready yet… If it doesn’t fit till the last minute. I’ll be so screwed!”

5. “I should really stop freaking out if I don’t want nasty dark circles under my eyes!”

6. “I didn’t take anybody seriously when they said time flies before the wedding! Now I know what they meant!!!”

6 before the wedding

7. “We are spending so much money on the wedding, I hope everything works out well!”

8. “Should I try some homemade face packs and stuff, or should I just not do anything risky now?”

9. “Will everybody like me in my bridal avatar? Not that I care, but it’s nice to be appreciated on your wedding day, right?”

9 before the wedding

10. “It’ll be so awesome if I could just take all my old stuff with me, na? And my mom. And my doggo. And my entire family. Oh well.”

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