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11 Different & *Beautiful* Ways To Drape Your Bridal Dupatta!

11 Different & *Beautiful* Ways To Drape Your Bridal Dupatta!

Are you a soon-to-be bride and totally done with the cliche ‘dupatta on the head and pinned to the side’ draping style that most brides usually opt for? Let’s just get this straight…. However pretty your lehenga is, if your dupatta is not draped nicely, you just won’t be able to do justice to your bridal avatar. There is so much more to dupattas than the same old. Here are 11 real brides who gave us some amazing dupatta draping styles to take inspiration from. Come, check them out.

1. This is an easy and simple drape that not only looks elegant but is also very easy to handle. You just have to pleat your dupatta, pin it to your lehenga behind your waist on one side and drape it like a saree pallu (throwing it over your shoulder). This makes your lehenga look like a saree and is extremely easy to manage, especially during functions where you have to dance a lot.

2. This is another super simple drape that you can totally do in just 5 minutes. You just have to pleat your dupatta and throw it over your shoulder. On the opposite side, you could just drape it twice over your arm just like the bride in the picture. This style looks very graceful and charming, and makes carrying off your dupatta, a tad bit easier.

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3. An elaborately gorgeous drape, this one is perfect for the coy bride. This gorgeous lady pinned her dupatta to her waist in the front, draped it over her head and threw it over her arm. She looked stunning, didn’t she?


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4. This one is so, so simple to achieve and looks awesome too! The bride had an ivory coloured monotoned lehenga, which she contrasted with a  bright orange dupatta to drape over her head. The ivory dupatta was styled around her waist and over her shoulder like a saree pallu, while the orange dupatta gave her the perfect bridal look.

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5. Simplicity is best and this style is just right for the bride who doesn’t want to go OTT with her look. It is not exactly a drape, but the bride just wore her dupatta simply on her head like the conventional bride. But rather than looking cliche, she looks so stunning and different. We love her look!


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6. This too is a double dupatta drape, perfect for brides who want to look grand and elaborate on their wedding day. This pretty bride used her lehenga dupatta as a seedha pallu and added another contrasting dupatta on her head. It looked really nice, if you ask us. It may take some practice to achieve the fine details of the drape, but it’ll be worth it!


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The bride looks oh-so-gorgeous in all her bridal finery. We especially love her simple and elegant maangtika. Buy a similar one on Amazon for Rs 600.

7. You do not even need a stylist to do this for you, it is that simple! All you have to do is to tuck your dupatta near your waist and then cover your head with it in a simple manner. Easy peasy, yeah?

8. This is perfect for your mehendi day look, because that is one day you really don’t want your dupatta to come in your way and irritate you or worse, spoil your mehendi. So just simply bunch up your dupatta and pin it on your shoulder. That way it will look pretty and also stay put all day!

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9. OMG, this is super duper elegant and a very smart idea. This style works well with anarkali suits and lehengas too. You just have to pleat your dupatta and throw it over your shoulder like the bride did in the picture. Then secure the dupatta with a thin fabric belt and you’re good to go!

10. This is not a drape exactly, but we just found it really nice and simple. This drape works well for your sangeet or even an after-mehendi party. You can just wear your dupatta open on both sides of your shoulder and you’ll be sorted!


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11. You know that you have to dance till you drop (no, don’t actually drop) on your sangeet, so better keep your dupatta in place securely. This will help in free movement during the impromptu dance sessions. This bride did a very smart thing pinning one side of her dupatta to her shoulder and tying the other end of it to her wrist. This is a great way to make sure your dupatta doesn’t come in your way or worse, make you trip over it.


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