Does Size Really Matter When It Comes To Men In Bed? We Found Out

Does Size Really Matter When It Comes To Men In Bed? We Found Out

A question that has troubled men and piqued the curiosity of women from around the world - no matter the race, or language - is simple and well, small. Does size matter? To be more precise, does the size of a man’s penis really matter when it comes to having sex?

If it were as simple as a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, we definitely wouldn’t be having a debate. But before we reach any kind of verdict on the question, let’s find out what science and survey have to offer on the subject!

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Experts weigh in

According to Michael Castleman, an expert on sexuality and sex research, “substantial majority of women don’t care; that they’d rather be with men who are warm, kind, solvent, caring, and funny, who share their values and interests, than one who has a phone pole in his pants”.

While ‘phone pole’ is probably pushing it a little too far, there obviously exists a preconceived notion in society that women can’t resist a man with a penis so big, because it somehow translates to a woman having a fantastic time during sex.

With pornography being more than just a means for self-pleasuring for people, it’s been known to set unrealistic expectations for men and women, alike, for a long time now. The category of ‘Big Black Cock’ a.k.a BBC, is a frequently searched option on Pornhub, according to their yearly reviews, and that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to insecurities pertaining to a man’s sexual organ.

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A research study conducted by UCLA published a report that revealed 84 percent of women were “very satisfied” with their man’s penis size, 14 percent wished it was larger, and 2 percent preferred if it was smaller. The researchers posted their questions on and got responses from 26,437 women, aged between 18 to 65.

Mr. Castleman said, “Respondents were a self-selected group, which raises questions about demographic representation. But 26,437 is a huge number, a number so large that statistically, it obviates concerns about self-selection and strongly suggests that the findings are truly valid.”

If size doesn’t matter, why do the 14 percent think otherwise?

To put it quite simply, not every woman has the same opinion when it comes to sexual preferences! Not ALL women prefer larger penises, but, there is a section amongst them who do, and that’s as normal as men being sexually attracted to women with different bust sizes. The sole reason why porn sites have categories, to begin with, is to cater to individual choices in sexual pleasures.

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The 84 percent women that truly feel that their partner satisfies them also take a lot of other factors into consideration; such as, how connected they feel to the man, how much of a personal bond they share with him, how funny or attractive his personality is, and so on. The most common response to why women DON’T think size matters, is “as long as he knows how to use it, it’s great!”

That’s the bottom line, ladies (and gentlemen reading this), you gotta get yourself a man who knows how to treat you right on the inside and out! Being great in bed does not translate to the size or the girth of a man’s penis.

Because, if it did, you wouldn’t have women explaining how they were completely put off with a large penis because their vaginas couldn’t accommodate the size in their soft canals; some of them even getting their vaginal walls torn with the force of a large appendage entering them.

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It also helps to understand the fact that a man penetrating a woman’s vagina with his penis is not the know-all of sex! Sex is so much more than a biology lesson that you were taught in school. It’s about trust, foreplay, setting the mood, making the right moves, kissing and using your hands, knowing your partner’s body, and just finding a rhythm that works well for two people.

Having sex should be an experience, and not an instruction manual with ‘yes’, ‘no’, or multiple choice questions!

The verdict? Size doesn’t matter all that much. Confidence in the bedroom, the ability to listen to a woman’s needs in bed, and treating her with care and respecting her consent for whatever it is that you choose to do to pleasure her are qualities that are going to make you a fantastic lover.

And if you still don’t believe us, hear it directly from the horse’s mouth!

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