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11 Decor Items To *Pretty Up* The Corners Of Your New Home!

Kaveri Waghela

Junior Wedding Editor

Moving to a new home after marriage can be overwhelming. And decorating it from scratch, is a different ball game altogether! While it is easier to decide on the main furniture for your rooms, it is those little corners that always seem left out. But with a little help from us, you could certainly pretty up those corners with elan. Still confused? These 11 decor items would surely be of help!

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Stack Them Shelves

Whether you are looking to pretty up those lonely corners of your room or just want a place to store all your knicks - knacks, these neat, ladder framed shelves would be perfect. It is made of sturdy metal and is easy to clean too. Love!

Urban Ladder

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Chair Love

If you are looking for a statement decor piece that also doubles up as your very own comfy corner, then a chair like this would be ideal. Made with raw wood and sheet metal, it’ll add that touch of vintage to your room. Love the colour and the print too!


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Flowers Galore

Artificial flowers and plants make for great decor pieces that look pleasant and compared to fresh ones, do not die out in a week! This artificial lavender flower plant, is particularly our favourite and would be a great accompaniment on a sideboard cabinet or on a corner table of your living room. Don’t forget to buy a ceramic hand crafted flower pot to go with this.


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DIY Photo Gallery

Priceless memories of your life deserve a wall of its own and a collage of your favourite pictures would be ideal for your new home and would efficiently fill up your room corner with lots of love and light. This set of 12 maroom photo frames is perfect for the living room wall that mostly goes unnoticed.


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Artsy Delight

Let your room exude an aura of art, grace and spirituality with this life size Ganesha painting. It has a textured finish, which means it will be easy to maintain. The multi coloured hues would beautifully brighten every nook and corner of your new home.


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Divided Stance

Another great idea to jazz up those tricky corners would be to add a beautiful room divider just like this one. It is artistically designed and comes with installation details to set it up without much hassle. Since it is detachable, you could experiment with its placement too.

Planet Decor

₹5809   ₹7900   26% off
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Glitzy Fluff

No, alphabet LED lights are not just meant for restaurants and quirky nightclubs! These ones would be apt for the bedroom, for when you want to create a bit of a mood lighting for the night. Hang it in the corner, or better still, place it on an alleviated surface. Also, they operate through batteries, so you don’t have to bother about the weird wires jutting out of it.


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Beanie Fun

Make your very own reading space by placing a funky bean bag in a lone corner that rightfully needs all the affection. This one is made up of soft faux leather with a fun football print and also comes with a pouffe, perfect for when you want to ‘chai and chill.’


₹1899   ₹2313   17% off
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Lamp Goodness

A corner lamp is always a great idea! And if you are particularly looking to pretty up those corners without having to spend a lot of money, then this one would be perfect. The minimalistic appeal and the versatile design would blend well with every kind of interior too!

New Era

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Cabinet Surprise

One of the best ways to effectively utilize the corner space is to place a beautiful cabinet. This one from Simple Living not only has stacks to keep your things neatly but also comes with a tempered glass design that gives it quite a vintage vibe without making it look outdated.

Simple Living

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Writing desk

We always require a sturdy writing desk that also doubles up as a bookshelf and a stationary holder. And this multi storage table is just that! What’s more, its modern design and minimalistic aesthetics work as a great home decor item too. Perfect to pretty up those corners!


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Published on Nov 02, 2017
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