This Poet's Response To Fat-Shamers Is What Every Woman Should Swear By

This Poet's Response To Fat-Shamers Is What Every Woman Should Swear By

"Is it still catcalling if you have to swipe right to hear them whistle?"

It is a truth universally acknowledged (by women), that there is not a single place or platform where we don't feel threatened or under scrutiny.  Not our homes, not bars, restaurants or on the streets, not on Facebook and especially not on dating apps, where we are literally putting ourselves up on a platter. Come hither, judge me. 

Poet Glori B, however, has zero time for naysayers and fat shamers who expect her to be filled with self-doubt instead of brimming with confidence. In a brilliant performance of her poem Damn Girl she elucidates - "Everyone thinks I must be plagued with self-loathing and shame / And meanwhile, I’m sitting over here wondering / When the fuck’s is everyone going to realize how hot I am?"

She recounts that in elementary school boys told her that they felt earthquakes every time she ran by. Glori moves on with a mere whiff, that shit doesn't bother her twenty years hence - "You want to feel the earth move? I can shatter your world."

A self-assured woman is the most dangerous thing the society can conjure. From childhood, girls are taught to be submissive or humble so that we don't dare ask for what we rightfully deserve. "They say confidence is sexy, but they call you vain if you dare to smile at your body, naked in the mirror. Fuck humble. Vanity is only a sin because a woman who knows she deserves good things is harder to commodify."

This poem is an ode to every woman who loves herself and knows she is worth the while. 

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This three-minute long poem sums up all the feels you would ever have had about the kind of prejudice and judgment women constantly face and have to even deal with on a daily basis. 

More power to women like Glori B!