These Are The Styles Of Women's Clothing Men Love, We Asked!

These Are The Styles Of Women's Clothing Men Love, We Asked!

Ladies, how often have you gotten the same old beaten down advice to wear a mini skirt and a crop top for date night? Too many times we bet! The internet is filled with stories of clothing that men find attractive on women and quite often than not, they are sexy backless dresses or booty shorts!

The truth of the matter is that men have a more refined and grown-up taste in women’s clothing than you previously expected. On our quest to pick their brains we found out that their point of concern is not how you look in them but how they make you feel! A well-dressed woman comfortable in her own skin is the best look anything she can pull off.

Real men weighed in, and here are some of the things they had to say about what they find most attractive in women’s clothing! From Anarkalis to pantsuits, the results may surprise you!

1. Sundresses!

1 clothes men love

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“Sundresses! Quite comfortable for women and at the same time looks stunning!” - Raghav Somani, Deloitte Consulting US-India Pvt Ltd

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2. Anarkalis

2 clothes men love

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“Traditional wear, always! Anarkalis are amazing, jhumkas, bangles, decked-up, the whole shebang!”- Sarang Bhamwari, Photographer

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3. Pantsuits

3 clothes men love

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“Corporate outfits like pantsuits are incredible! It looks hot and they look like they are all set to lead in a majorly male-dominated office space!” - Shakti Srivastava, Reliance Jio Infocomm

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4. Active Wear

4 clothes men love

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“I personally would go for active wear. It’s awesome to witness a woman who takes care of herself! Given the weather here (Mumbai) it seems like the best thing they can put on!”- Vedanshu Srivastava, Communications Designer

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5. A Solid Jacket

5 clothes men love

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“A solid jacket, because no matter what the girl is wearing inside it, the jacket makes her look much better and cooler!” - Aavin Ashta

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6. Long Kurtas!

6 clothes men love

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“Long kurta and churidar. Looks absolutely classy on them, And the best part is, it suits women of every age!”- Minhaj Sadaf, Operations Manager

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7. Anything, With Confidence!

7 clothes men love

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“Can't specify it exactly but I guess anything which they are comfortable wearing and are able to pull it off nicely with confidence.”- Himanshu Kumar Singh, Luxury Management