Find Motivation In Fashion With Our Pick Of Workout Outfits!

Find Motivation In Fashion With Our Pick Of Workout Outfits!

It’s easy to put a snooze on the 6 am workout alarm or forgo your evening Zumba class in favour of coffee with friends. What you need in such scenarios is the right motivation. Working out becomes so much more exciting when you have the right wardrobe for it. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going to a yoga session or a spin class, you definitely need the appropriate wardrobe for it. Now that athleisure is a huge part of mainstream fashion, it’s easier to get the workout outfits sorted. Here are some amazing activewear ideas keeping your workout regime in mind.

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1. Yoga

One very important aspect to remember while shopping for those yoga classes is that this type of clothing can be comfortable yet has to be form-fitting to allow movement. While you can consider wearing baggier, breathable garments, make sure they don’t slip-up during the downward dog pose. So, if you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction, opt for stretchable leggings and tanks with a built-in sports bra. These PUMA Girls Black Printed Sport Style Tight Fit Leggings (Rs. 649) and ONLY Play Women Purple Tank Top (Rs. 1032) are super comfortable and trendy.

2. Zumba


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A fun way to burn those extra pounds that come with extra cheese, Zumba can be carried out anytime and anywhere. However, since it is a vigorous dancing session, keep it light-weight and hassle-free. Shorts, leggings, t-shirts or tank tops are the perfect options. For your next Zumba class, try these Puma Women Black Solid Sports Shorts (Rs. 1819) and Puma Women Pink Essential RB Tank Top (Rs. 1624) and dance like no one’s watching.

3. Running


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Since running is an outdoor activity, it’s best to go with sweat absorbent and comfortable clothes that do not hamper the activity. The type of activewear also depends on the weather but the shoes are the most important part of running and should be chosen carefully. Opt for bright coloured shoes to brighten up your day along with a pair of stretchable leggings, comfortable shorts and sweat resistant tanks or t-shirts. How cute are these Adidas NEO Women Pink CF Race Sneakers (Rs. 3919). Pair it with a Nike Black AS DF Cool Breeze Running Tank Top (Rs. 847) and Puma Black Printed Tight Fit Leggings (Rs. 1624) and ace that marathon.

4. Hiking


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When you’re out in the mountains or in the beautiful countryside, layering is the key. It is important to dress accordingly to the trail and the weather. But make sure to pick the right footwear, a jacket and don’t forget to carry lots and lots of sunblock. Opt for clothing that dries up quickly like polyester, nylon, and merino wool; while avoiding cotton as it takes longer to dry. This Nike Women Navy Blue Solid AS W NK DRY Hooded Sweatshirt (Rs. 3795) will keep you warm and dry.

5. Spin


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Since spinning classes are very high on energy, opt for lightweight, breathable and stretchable fabrics as these rooms tend to get hot. Avoid shorts and incorporate mesh, polyester, cotton etc. into your workwear wardrobe. Get your hands on this CHM Printed Crop Top (Rs. 400) and Knitted Leggings with Elasticated Waistband (Rs. 699) and work those calf muscles.