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Set It Straight: 9 Stylist-Approved Flat Irons for Sleek Hair

Sue Castellino

Guest Contributor

No two hair textures are really the same, so why should our hair straighteners be any different? Whether you have massive curls or just a few fly-aways that need to be tamed, there is a flat iron out here for you.

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Babyliss Ipro ST100E Hair Straightener

Many girls swear by the brand Babyliss and I didn’t believe the hype till I actually tested out my friend’s flat iron. The Babyliss Ipro ST100E Hair Straightener goes up to 230 degrees, and straightens even the curliest hair. It also has a slight rounded edge so that you can use it to curl your hair too.


1 hair straighteners babyliss

Corioliss C1 Carbon Fiber Hair Straightener

When it comes to absolutely messy, frizzy and curly hair that needs a good task master to get it under control, this flat iron from Corioliss will come in use. Most salons will have these flat irons as they are sturdy and get the job done.


2 hair straighteners corioliss

Remington S7200 Wet 2 Straight Slim Straightener

Another favourite, Remington has a range of great flat irons, but the one I really like is the Wet 2 Straight flat iron. I personally prefer to straighten freshly washed hair as it’s clear of all natural oils. It can get really tedious to dry and then straighten, especially when you’re in a bit of a hurry. It doesn’t give you a complete straight finish if you have super curly hair, but for those with mild frizz, this works great.


3 hair straighteners remington

Lifelong HS03 Travel Friendly Hair Straightener Iron

We all need to travel with our irons, but sometimes carrying those heavy duty ones just take up space and a whole lot of energy. This flat iron from Lifelong heats up to 210 degrees and has a ceramic coating that will give you sleek looking hair in minutes, without damaging it.


4 hair straighteners lifelong

Philips HP8302/06 Selfie Hair Straightener

If you’ve never used a flat iron at home before and want to buy your first one, then I definitely suggest going for this one by Phillips. They are easy to use, not too intensive and yet it results in silky hair. The Selfie Hair Straightener heats up to 210 degrees which is hot enough for almost all hair types to get smooth. Also, it has universal voltage which makes it great to take with you wherever you go.


5 hair straighteners philips

Braun Satin Hair 7 ST750 ES3 Hair Straightener

This is my go-to straightener! I’ve used many of the ones on this list from friends and at salons, but when it comes to my personal preference, it is this one by Braun. It gets the job done the IONTECH technology makes the hair silky and frizz-free. This technology also protects coloured hair and doesn’t strip the colour off your freshly treated hair.  


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Torlen TOR 045 Hair Straightener

This uniquely shaped flat iron by Torlen makes it really easy to straighten those bangs or a fringe near the face. Since there are no sharp edges, you can really get to the root without burning your ears! Plus this little guy heats up to 230 degrees which is effective for those of us who sometimes need that extra heat to get poker straight tresses!


7 hair straighteners torlen

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Published on Nov 15, 2017
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