Why Should Boys Have All The Fun? This Bachelorette In Thailand Was Beyond Crazy!

Why Should Boys Have All The Fun? This Bachelorette In Thailand Was Beyond Crazy!

“Good boys go to heaven, bad boys visit Thailand.” Ever heard of this phrase before? Chances are that you have. Well, let’s just say that it’s now passé because these three Delhi girls proved that Thailand is not just the masti capital for boys, but pretty ladies too! Aparna, Nidhi and Priyanka decided to take an unforgettable trip to Thailand, to celebrate her BBF- Aparna’s bachelorette. Now, how exciting is that! The best part is that the destination was decided on impulse and turned out to be a trip of a lifetime. Excited to know everything about this all girls bachelorette trip to Thailand? We got Nidhi on board to give us all the cool deets about this uber cool trip. Read on to find out what happened in Thailand…

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Over to Nidhi...

“Before walking down the aisle and amidst all the hectic wedding preparations, it’s important to take some time out and plan an unforgettable journey with your besties. Since Aparna is getting married in February 2018, we decided to take a bachelorette trip before she got hitched.

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We extensively discussed and shortlisted a lot of Indian destinations, and then zeroed down on Goa. After calculating all the expenses, I realized that we could easily go to the beaches of Krabi within our budget and enjoy the nightlife of Bangkok. All our male friends made fun of us saying "Bangkok is for boys, it's not safe for girls, you girls will need some boys to go with you, so better go somewhere close like Shimla or Goa". This was what ticked us off, and on impulse, decided to go to Thailand. This happened on the 21st of September. We looked at each other and the next thing we knew, we had already booked a flight for the following night, i.e. 22nd September, and were roaming the streets of Bangkok on the morning of the 23rd!!!

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We made all the bookings - hotel in Bangkok and Krabi, plane tickets from Bangkok to Krabi and everything else at the airport itself! This is how unplanned the whole thing was, and it surely turned out to be the best trip of our life. We decided to invest most on the hotel because it was better to stay in a good and safe locality than to travel everyday from the faraway outskirts to the city.

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In Bangkok, we stayed in Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit which is located right in the heart of city, closest to the most happening streets of Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and is just a few minutes  from Khao San Party street. We spent three days shopping on the streets of Bangkok and clubbing through the night. Even the locals there were surprised to see three girls roaming the streets just like the locals would in the city. We loved taking hours for dressing up, matching our attire and doing makeup because there were no men to complain about the time we took to get ready.

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After all the parties and the travel trails in the city of Bangkok, we jetted off to Krabi to unwind at some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

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We were in Krabi for two days and stayed at Anyavee Ban Ao Nang Resort. The best thing about staying at this resort was the location. It was surrounded by lofty mountains on one side and had the beautiful Ao Nang Beach on the other! Plus, it had a very big space near the pool, where the guests could mingle and talk with each other. This was the perfect setting for our bachelorette party, one that we had always dreamt about.

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Krabi beaches are a photographer's and foodie’s paradise. If you want to see limestone cliffs partially submerged in sea, majestic caves, white sand, lush green trees, crystal blue sea and the most amazing sun sets, then this is the place to be. We had a lot of fun diving in the ocean, dancing along the coast on Punjabi music and then going to a live music restaurant, where we dedicated all the naughty songs to Aparna and returned to the hotel totally wasted, with no one to judge us.

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Thailand is rich in culture, nightlife, beaches, tradition, lip smacking delicious food, and best therapeutic massages. There was a lot to do and explore in this country which made our trip truly memorable. Before leaving the city, we took an oath to go on all girls trip to some new place together at least once a year, even after we got married!”

It looks like these three had a lot of fun. And they surely gave us some #brideandbestie goals!