12 *Adorable* Ways To Make Your Bride-To-Be Bestie Feel Special!

12 *Adorable* Ways To Make Your Bride-To-Be Bestie Feel Special!

Your bestie’s D-day is round the corner and along with being the perfect bridesmaid, it is important for you to make her feel special in every possible way. Her life would change in the next few days and you need to remind her that no matter what, you’ve always got her back. Here are some adorable things to do for your bestie that would not only relieve her from the wedding stress but also make for some amazing pre wedding memories...

1. A weekend getaway

Make a weekend getaway plan for just the two of you. Drive down to a resort nearby and let your bestie de-stress and let her heart out to you. Book the two days exclusively for spas treatments, unlimited food and happy chatters.

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2. Send her a letter

In today’s digital world, we all have forgotten how special it feels to receive handwritten letters from someone you love. Surprise your bestie by sending her a sweet handwritten letter talking about your experiences together and assuring her that you’ll always be there for. It’ll surely brighten up her day.

3. Lunch break

Your bestie has to not only plan her wedding but also needs to complete all her work in office before she takes her wedding leave. Show up at her workplace then and sneak her away into a quick lunch break somewhere close by. She would love this surprise at work!

3  adorable things to do for your bestie

4. Charm bracelet

Make your bestie a pretty charm bracelet which has a symbolic representation of different memories of the two of you together. It could include a coffee charm if you both love gossiping over a cup of coffee, a shopping packet etc. etc.

5. A dinner date

Call your bestie home for a meal and cook her favourite dish for her. We are telling you, it will really touch her heart! If cooking a dish is too difficult for you, you could even bake a small cake, we are sure she’ll love it.

5  adorable things to do for your bestie

6. Send flowers

Every girl loves to be pampered and flowers are one of the best ways to let her know how special she is. You could send her flowers to her home and even her workplace. Keep surprising her like this and we bet, it’ll always keep her happy and smiling!

7. Sleepover

Don’t forget to plan a sleepover with your bestie before she gets married! Go over to her place or call her over and spend the night watching your favourite movies together with her favourite ice cream, of course!

7  adorable things to do for your bestie

8. Breakfast together

Don’t let your bestie skip her breakfast because of all the wedding planning and madness. Drop by to her place on your way to work and have breakfast together. Doing this will definitely be a great start to her day!

9. Dedicate a song for her

If your bestie has a favourite FM station which she listens to in the car, call them and have them dedicate a song for her. It could be a song which describes your relationship, an inside joke or just a sweet song for her wedding. You have no idea how special she is going to feel.

9  adorable things to do for your bestie

10. A weekly brunch date

To help her escape the wedding madness, plan a weekly brunch date time. Make the brunch date a weekly or fortnightly tradition and let her vent out all her emotions to you during this time. Don’t forget to add some Mimosas to this date too!

11. Get a tattoo together

This is the perfect time for the two of you to get a tattoo you both always wanted to get done. It could be a ‘best friends forever’ tattoo or a small symbol of a memory the two of you share. It would always be a reminder for her that she has you always! Who knows, 10 years down the line, you both could still be posing for pictures with the tattoo!

11  adorable things to do for your bestie

12. Just be there for her

She will cry. She will scream. She will howl. She will laugh. She will throw tantrums and she will be emotional at times. But no matter what, just be there for her. Wipe her tears away when the stress is too much for her to handle and hear her out when she wants to complain about those annoying relatives. It’ll surely mean a lot to her.

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