Team POPxo Reveals 10 Things They Do That Makes Life A Little Brighter

Team POPxo Reveals 10 Things They Do That Makes Life A Little Brighter

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, embrace your passion and it’ll lead you to your purpose.” Taking these wise words seriously, I enrolled for cooking lessons, salsa practice and Bikram yoga. Since every woman has a side to her personality that makes her unique and beautiful,  I asked a few people at POPxo on what their V-side is... what is it that makes them special and sets them apart? What is it that they’re passionate about?  The result? An impressive list ranging from styling to hand lettering that makes these girls special in their own right. Check it out and get inspired!

From runways to reality

passionate 1

I dress up not for the world but for myself...Looking good comes naturally to me and I would go that extra bit to stand out. Putting looks together for myself and others is a stress buster for me and using a garment in an unexpected manner gives me a thrill! I always make a conscious effort to give enough time to put my outfit together.  

- Arushi Sakhuja Editorial Coordinator

The swimming pool is all she needs

passionate 2

Ask me to do a 5km run and I’ll probably turn that challenge down. Ask me to do two big laps in a swimming pool and I’ll happily agree! What can I say? I'm a water baby by heart. I find immense peace and happiness by the pool. My idea of a well-spent weekend is reading a book, playing my favourite tunes and chilling by the pool.

- Sharon Alphonso, Beauty Writer

The foodie at heart

passionate 3

Food is what I am most passionate about! Eating, cooking, baking elevates my mood. My dad cooks for me and my brother every weekend. This is where my passion for food truly began. Whenever we travel the trip is all about exploring new places to dine-in. We love trying out the local flavours of every country we visit. I love baking, it helps satiate my sweet tooth and my love for desserts. I try to bake a new type of dessert every week, it’s how I keep myself happy. The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach! Boys, a bouquet of fries or chocolates is the best way to get my attention! When I’m at work, I’m the go-to person for food, I always have finger food to munch on. If I had to pick my favourite would be Italian, Chinese, North Indian... (Sorry, I can’t. I love food!)

- Manasvini Paul, Video Marketer

Happiness comes in waves

passionate 4

I grew up by the ocean and that is definitely the fondest memory of my childhood. The wind in my hair, the smell of the sea and those ice cream vendors lining the road outside. Probably the most fueling passion of my life has been the sea… strange but the connection is uncanny.  The peace and calm I feel when I hear the waves crashing is unmatched. I got a wave tattooed on my arm around a year back when I moved away from home, to remind myself that it will always be a part of my healing process. It probably doesn’t count as a hobby but it does make my life a lot better.

- Akanksha Bhatia, Lifestyle Writer

The one who can dance the night away

passionate 5

My mum says I’ve been dancing since I was 2. Wherever I heard music, I’d start dancing. From the Karisma-Govinda songs to Nicki Minaj, from ‘tamma tamma’ to ‘tamma tamma again’. It’s 20 years later and I’m still dancing - with the same passion, with the same fire. I have a second reason to attend weddings now.

- Sayunkta Jain, Editorial Coordinator

The one with the never-ending wanderlust

passionate 6

There is work and then there is something that we’re passionate about. Sure, it would be ideal to have the two collide, but sometimes we need to make time for ourselves. Nothing gets me going than planning my next trip, I’m constantly scouting for interesting places, flight deals and keeping a track of the long weekends of the year - just so I can plan a vacation. Having a trip to look forward to is what keeps me going. - Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

The Art Lover

passionate 7

I am a 20 something girl, a storyteller and content curator by profession. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been passionate about art, not only practicing it but also spreading it, appreciating it and learning it. I believe it gives one a sense of freedom to express themselves. I love it for the fact that one can never get tired of it because there is never the same thing twice.

- Apoorva Poonia, Trending Writer

The one with the most envious make-up kit

passionate 8

Nothing makes me happier in the morning than putting on my make-up! If I’m not applying make-up, I’m shopping for it or talking about it. My idea of an ideal date is walking through the aisles of Sephora, adding everything to my cart (universe, are you listening? I’d like a credit card with no limit!). It’s not really about hiding flaws or blemishes, make-up makes me feel confident and I love the way it can tie your entire look together. After years of struggling to find my true calling, I’ve realised that beauty and make-up is *IT* and I’m really lucky that I’ve been able to bring my passion to work!

-Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer

The one with the most beautiful hand writing 

passionate 9

I used to adore little hand-lettered quotes on Instagram. So one day I decided I am going to give it a shot. With a lot of help from Google and YouTube tutorials, I started hand-lettering. Although I am still learning and none of my content is original, it is so calming to just sit and give all my being to getting the letters right!
- Isheeta Sharma, Junior Lifestyle Editor

The reading addict

passionate 10

I started reading when I was in the 10th grade and I haven’t stopped since! To keep myself motivated to read different genres, I take up challenges on Goodreads. Reading transports me to another world and I believe books are the best thing that ever happened to mankind!
-Sonali Pawar, Editorial Coordinator

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