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In Your 20s And Not Married? Here Is Why It’s Awesome!

In Your 20s And Not Married? Here Is Why It’s Awesome!

Every time I see someone getting married, my heart cringes. Don’t get me wrong, because I am a girl who believes in the concept of a happy marriage but at the right time and with the right person. And in my 20s I don’t think I will be meeting the right guy or would gain the minuscule knowledge needed to start a marriage. So give me a chance to put my case forward. Because, hey, I can okay? Here are 8 reasons that for me sum up why I, and maybe you, wouldn’t want to get married in our 20s.

1. You get to know yourself better in your 20s

Let me frame this in an easy way - you are not what you were when you were 18 and you will not be what you are when you turn 27. So, basically, you are evolving as a human being and isn’t better to first have a little more knowledge about yourself before you start figuring out someone else as well?

1 why its okay to not be married in 20s girl confident

2. It’s the age when you experiment the most with your career

If you’re a girl who is very dedicated towards your career then you want some time before you settle. You could be this and you could be that. It’s okay. Give yourself a chance and take a leap of faith, whenever you can! There is always enough time for settling down.

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3. It’s is your time to be awesome and spontaneous!

Your 20s are the times when you feel the most rebellious and this is when you don’t want to answer to anyone about making decisions in your own life. So take a deep breath and be a little self-involved. The last we checked, it didn’t hurt nobody!

3 why its okay to not be married in 20s ariana grande

4. Honey, let’s splurge that money!

We don’t mean save no penny for the rainy day. But be a tiny bit reckless with that money. You want to buy that dress? Buy it. This is the only age where you might not have to worry about paying the bills so yeah, live a little.

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5. You get to meet your frogs

If there is anything fairy tales have taught us, it’s that kissing frogs is okay. In fact, that might be the only way to find a potential prince. Meet more people, get to know them, have conversations and share coffees before your heart and brain both say ‘this might be it’ for somebody.

5 why its okay to not be married in 20s girl guy high five

6. And try to be alone.

The reason most of us look for companionship is that we are scared of being alone. Just with ourselves. That’s one fear you can either learn to overcome in your 20s or not. The decision, of course, is yours. Spend a weekend with yourself, go on a solo trip - anything and everything - as long as you remember you come first.

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7. You learn to make your own decisions

Getting married means making decisions that will also involve your partner. Well, when you’re single, you don’t really have to make such decisions. Your decisions can depend on you and yourself! Do as you please, lady!

7 why its okay to not be married in 20s beyonce

8. Also, you don’t have to share things with anybody!

Can’t imagine having to share your bed with someone else for the rest of your life, right? We get it! Maybe someday we will learn to give more but your 20s is when you need to absorb and take thing. Life lessons and goofy things alike.

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