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5 Things That Happen When You Realize You Have A Type In Men

5 Things That Happen When You Realize You Have A Type In Men

No matter how much we treat love as this cosmic affair - the stars aligning to make us meet our prospective better halves - when it comes to relationships, it can be rooted in small very earthly hang-ups than we’d like to admit to. Love is not always something that manifests itself with the snap of a finger. What appears to be this magical alchemy at the moment, is actually sometimes you making a conscious decision of being with one person, as opposed to another, or many others, for that matter.

Over several relationships, I have come to realize my type - funny, intelligent and someone who is willing to laugh at himself. I don’t believe in astrology as such, but I have utterly enjoyed the company of Aquarian men in the recent past. I like men who are a tad bit taller than me, mainly because of the bear hugs. And a well-groomed stubble always makes me weak in the knees.

So, what happens when you realize that you have a type in men?

1. Like all humans, you are a creature of habit

It is almost the way you choose your friends. Even if you don’t want to admit, you have a checklist of qualities that you’d like in a partner. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

1 Type in men

2. Compatibility is a REAL thing

You can’t really wing it till you win it. It is important that you feel loved, wanted and appreciated in your relationship. And that can only happen if the other person is as invested and interested in you, as you are in them.

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3. Sometimes, Looks DO Matter

Obviously, this is subjective but it is easier to fall for someone whose personality doesn’t intimidate you. Someone who you think has a kind face and whose smile always manages to brighten up your day!

4. Having a ‘type’ isn’t always a bad thing

You know the stereotype of being attracted to bad boys and to people who aren’t capable of reciprocating our overtures? That’s a part of our growing up process and makes us truly gauge what we can bring to a relationship and what we would want from it.

5.  You set high standards for yourself even on the personal front

And that’s super! If you want someone to have the same kind of values as you - similar likes, dislikes and hobbies - you have to seek it out. Remember that great line - “We accept the love we think we deserve.”?

4  type in men

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So, ladies, having a type in love and life makes you want to chase your dreams in the best way possible. You put your bets on the table and simply seize the day!

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