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What Is Your True Purpose In Life & How Can You Find It?

What Is Your True Purpose In Life & How Can You Find It?

Life is a check list. It’s a balance sheet. It’s a calendar.

We’re ticking off experiences, paying off bills and pencilling in events.

In between all of this, we eat our meals, use the wash rooms, maintain personal hygiene and then, we go to sleep. Only to wake up and repeat the same activities - more or less, in the same sequence - all over again. And we call our lives happening; busy.

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But, let’s stop for a moment. And ask ourselves.

What is my purpose in life?

Do you do that?

Over the past one, or two years, I know I have done that more often than I’d like to admit to. It’s for the simple reason that, as we go through the days of our lives, as we evolve, we are just a little closer to fulfilling our life’s real purpose.

And this isn’t some career goal, some financial gain, or even a relationship goal - much like we keep harping on. Your life goal has more to do with the end result; the bigger picture.

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So, what is this bigger picture, anyway?

In the simplest of words, it’s whatever you want it to be. But, what you want has to be your truest desire; something, or someone, that gives you a feeling and sense of contentment. Your life goal is one that lets you look back through the years and think to yourself, “All the struggles were worth it.”

Don’t expect yourself to feel this way in your 20s. You’re far from it even though you might feel like you’re close. What you need to know is that you are closer to reaching there today than you were yesterday.In your late 20s, you’re slightly better equipped than others to be able to realise and pursue your life’s true mission. For some, it may be giving back to society; for others it could be working towards a better world, holistically. Your life’s purpose is driven by a sense of greater good.

You realise that your calling is elsewhere while you’re sitting in a cubicle, raking up numbers for your company and making money. That’s when it hits you - you don’t even want to be here!

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So, where is it that you really want to be?

And, more importantly, what do you really want?

Only when you can answer these two questions could you even expect yourself to get out of your chair, head out the door and do more. Be more.

You could be a voice for those who have none.

You could be the source of inspiration for those who have nothing to go on by.

You could be a beacon of hope for those who have all but given up.

You could change the world; or you can create a small one of your own.

You don’t need a million people to affect that change. Sometimes, strangely enough, just one person will do.

But, it’s up to you to realise this. No one else can make you. It’s not some medicine you can be prescribed, or forced, to take. It’s not some test you can take to find out. It’s not even something that will come to you if you talked to the best therapist in the city, or visited the best life coach you could find.

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Finding your life’s true purpose could be as easy as sitting under a tree and hoping to attain nirvana. But, it could also be as toiling as going through years, struggling to make ends meet and find even a little flicker of happiness and gratitude in your day-to-day life, without breaking down and giving up completely. It could take endless and painstaking years, and you may even feel like you’ll never get there.

That’s the part that’s easiest to believe. And the people won’t help you think any other way. Frankly, you can’t blame them. Most don’t know better.

The hard part is continuing to search for the light at the end of the tunnel; believing that no matter how far off you may be, the end will, eventually, come and you will be out of the woods. All you have to do is keep walking; holding on and not letting go of your strength, faith and resilience.

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Your life’s purpose is then, determined on your belief in the eventuality of a process. You have to know, in your heart, that you’ll get there. Somehow, someday.

And that’s all that it is.

The purpose of this article is to remind you that your purpose in life is bigger than what you currently do. It is even bigger than you.

And while you may not know it now, you will know it one day.

Just have a little faith.

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