Double Texting: What Is It & When Should You Do It?

Double Texting: What Is It & When Should You Do It?

Texting has opened up a whole new world for us - both, good and bad! Gone are the times when each message cost us money and there was a limit on the number of messages you could send everyday. Dating in those times was hard; take my word for it. Flirting with a guy required more than the 100 message limit so you had to resort to clever ways of using up the text limit - like writing everything in one message. But now, with beautiful (albeit devious) messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and so many more, there is no limit on the texts you can send or what you can write in one text.

But since relationships and dating have changed, so has texting to reflect the millennial's ways of loving. Double texting, which was okay till sometime ago is now considered taboo and a sign of weakness. Aah! Personally, I am having a hard time keeping track of ALL these rules I didn’t know I had to play by!

1 double texting

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What is double texting, you ask?

Double texting is the forbidden art of sending two messages in a row. It’s usually done when you haven’t gotten a response to the first one so you’re tempted to (and eventually succumb to the temptation of) sending a second text message.

DT gets a bad reputation because apparently you come across as clingy and aggressive when you should be subtly toeing the line and not overwhelming the other person. You also end up tipping the power scale in favour of the other person; thereby, giving them an upper hand in the relationship! Say what?

2 double texting

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When should you double text?

First things first, remember that they may have a legitimate reason to not text you back. I mean, if they’re in a class, or in the office, they might have not been able to check their phones because of various reasons. So, cool it and wait for a while for them to get back!

You should have a genuine reason for double texting, if you really care about the whole thing. Try to carry the conversation forward instead of being sarcastic or snarky about not getting a response to the last message you sent. If you don’t know what to say, just send them the latest hilarious meme you saw.

3 double texting

A typo does not count as a double text, so feel free to correct your mistakes. Also, do not send those annoying messages where one message is just a single word. You know, like this!






If nothing else, this will make him delete you from his phone and his life!

What should you do?

Well, ladies, you do you! If you’re anything like me, you really don’t care about these silly but complicated rules that millennials have imposed on themselves. If you aren’t afraid of being judged or coming on too strong, send a second, third or fourth text if you want. But if you love playing by the rules, you might want to be a little more careful of what you’re texting and when! After all, the right person isn’t going to be turned off by the number of texts you send, if they are within reason and you haven’t unleashed your crazy on them (or so we believe!)

4 double texting

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