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13 Absurd Misconceptions People Still Have About... Sex!

13 Absurd Misconceptions People Still Have About... Sex!

‘Swallowing semen can get you pregnant’ and ‘pre-marital sex is harmful’ are only some of the weirdest misconceptions about sex that people have actually had, that we can’t even begin to wrap our heads around! Here are more of such bizarre ideas that we are throwing out the window, once and for all!

1. Sex always leads to pregnancy

The most common one of them all. But honey, that’s what society wants you to think so that they can keep you from actually enjoying intercourse with your partner. If you have used necessary contraception, an unwanted pregnancy can be mostly avoidable.

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2. A girl shouldn’t be on top during because she can break the penis

Unless you’re having sex with a murderous intent, this is something you really shouldn’t be afraid of! The penis is a strong muscle and is not made of glass that it can break at the slightest pressure. Rest assured ladies, ride like a cowgirl and see your man buck wild with pleasure!

3. You have to be married before having sex for the first time

Another gem of a misconception from society, yet again. Pre-marital sex is not wrong, and definitely not something you should be ashamed of!

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4. Swallowing while giving a blowjob can get you pregnant

Nope, no, nuh-uh. Doesn’t happen. Who even thinks of these things?! It’s Biology 101

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5. If you have sex more often, it increases your chances of pregnancy

Umm..what? It’s as ridiculous as saying if you go to the zoo too often, you’ll become a Koala Bear. As long as you use protection and contraceptives to practice safe sex, you should be just fine!

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6. Men always want sex and women rarely ever think of it

Oh you sweet summer child, if you only knew how horny women get too!

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7. Sex has to end in an orgasm (an earth-shattering one at that!)

Pfft, please! The process is just as enjoyable as the climax. Haven’t you heard - happiness is a journey, not the destination!

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8. There is a clear definition of “normal sex”

Also commonly perceived as sex between a heterosexual couple with a penis and a vagina involved. Every couple is different and ideas of ‘normal’ are always subjective.

9. Women don’t experience sexual dysfunction

Just because it’s evident in a man and not blatantly visible in a woman doesn’t mean that a woman can’t have problems performing sexually in the bedroom.

10. Women don’t/rarely masturbate

Are you kidding me? We have urges too, you know. Sexual needs are not just restricted to men. Of course, we masturbate, but not many feel comfortable declaring it due to the stigma attached to it, still.

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11. Every woman bleeds after the first time she has sex

This is the farthest from the truth! It’s totally dependent on every woman’s body, and not some rite of passage every woman must go through!

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12. The first time is always painful for the woman

Again, it differs significantly from person to person, and can’t be used as a blanket statement for all women.

13. Having sex on your period cannot lead to pregnancy

This has not been proven so please do not believe it. While period sex is definitely an individual choice, using protection should ALWAYS be a priority, no matter the kind of sex.

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