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12 Stages Every Couple Goes Through While Planning Their Wedding Together!

12 Stages Every Couple Goes Through While Planning Their Wedding Together!

While every couple has their own unique and magical wedding planning experiences, there are some funny and familiar stages and emotions which pretty much every couple goes through. From being all excited to developing cold feet to entering the bridezilla phase, here are few of the planning phases that you’ll both definitely experience. Enjoy it as it comes!

1. Pure Joy

This is really happening! We both are actually MARRYING each other! WOW.

1 wedding planning stages

2. Butterflies in tummy

Till now, everything is brand new and you both are so pumped with joy that you wish you could shout about your love from the rooftops.

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3. Address each other as fiancés

You both try to fit the word ‘fiancé’ in every conversation- sometimes even if it is not needed!

3 wedding planning stages

4. Venue viewings

While your fiancé is still finishing his celebratory beer with his friends, you have already booked appointments for wedding venue viewings.

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5. Wedding checklist

You have put your heart and soul into the wedding checklist and have made sure that you forget nobody or anything while drafting it.

5 wedding planning stages

6. The wedding budget

When you discuss the wedding budget with him and he is speechless and reactionless. And you don’t know whether you are talking to your fiancé or the wall.

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7. The bachelor’s trip planning

He might not know the colour of his wedding outfit, but he and his friends have already started planning their bachelor’s trip!

7 wedding planning stages

8. Is it really happening?

Venues are getting booked. Clothes trials have started. Are we actually getting married?

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9. The diet phase

You are on a diet from the day the wedding date gets finalized. And this means that he is also not allowed to eat his favourite pizza anymore! Because you = him!

9 wedding planning stages

10. You fight with him

You have phases when you cry and when you panic and then you fight with your fiancé because you feel he doesn’t understand what you are going through.

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11. A bit of a bridezilla

Sometimes he drives you crazy and you drive him crazy! At times, you need to run around him like a mad woman because he wants to do his shopping in December while the wedding is in November!

11 wedding planning stages

12. Beach or Hills?

If the wedding planning wasn’t enough to do and manage, there is honeymoon planning too! You like the beach while he prefers the hills. Well, God would definitely need to make a new city for the two of you!

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Published on Oct 30, 2017
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