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The *Ultimate* Sister Of The Bride Checklist To Be Her Go-To Girl!

The *Ultimate* Sister Of The Bride Checklist To Be Her Go-To Girl!

The sister of the bride is like a silent shadow of her, an emotional lifeboat that helps the bride remain sane during all the crazy wedding planning sessions. From being the trusted confidante to being her personal assistant on her wedding day, the sister of the bride wears many hats! We know it is no easy feat, and to make your life a tad bit easier, we’ve put together a handy wedding checklist that’ll help you get a hold of things not only on her D-day but also during her crazy pre wedding week.

Pre Wedding

1. Be available

Now this might seem like a no brainer, but it is very important for you to be available at all times. Therefore, make sure you have cleared out your schedule and sorted your holidays way in advance. No uncertainties there, it is your sis’s wedding after all!

2. Help execute all that you both planned

We’re pretty sure you’ve both planned a lot of cutesy stuff like hangover kits, photobooth props, wish lamps etc. Now while she’s busy with other stuff, it’s the sister of the bride who’s got to make sure that all of this actually happens. Here are a few more ideas for you to steal!

2 wedding checlist

3. Be the organizer

This is one of the most important duties of the bride’s sister. From making sure that everyone shows up at the sangeet practices to coordinating with the electrician for doing up your home with lots of fairy lights, check and double check if you must, you have a lot of responsibilities, girl!

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4. Mehendi BFF

Now this one’s a great tip for you to stay hassle free during the mehendi function. Make sure you apply the mehendi on your hands before the actual mehendi day. This will not only save you time but will also help you assist your sister much more efficiently during her mehendi application. Oh, and also make sure you keep her hydrated and well fed during the function. Her cellphone and a safety kit (tissues et al) is also your responsibility!

4 wedding checklist

5. Personal assistant

All the wedding planning and running around can definitely be very stressful. It is your duty then to ensure that your sis is fed properly. Ditto with ensuring she makes time for her daily spa sessions and gets at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. Keep a track of her beauty appointments and lehenga trials to avoid any last-minute hassels.  

6. Be her cheerleader

Sometimes, it is the small things that matter. A kiss on the cheek or just assuring her that her solo sangeet performance is turning out to be amazing will mean a lot to her. Be her strongest ally and her biggest cheerleader. It will surely make her day!

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7. Packers & Movers!

Whether you’re all planning to shift to the venue for the festivities or not, you’ve got to make sure that a few days prior to the first function, all her outfits are neatly ironed and packed. Double check that the jewellery for each outfit, the footwear and any other accessory are all packed day and function wise.

7 wedding checklist 

On The Wedding Day

1. Be the point of contact

A bride definitely cannot be present everywhere, even if she secretly wishes to. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to be the point of contact between her and anyone else who might need to speak to her on the wedding day… the guests, her colleagues, the vendors or maybe the groom!

2. Behind-the-scenes coordinator

Apart from being the point of contact, it is equally important to make sure everything is in order. From the bride’s entry music to her phoolon ki chaadar and arrangements for the welcome of the baraat, it’s all on you! Get the bridesmaids and the cousins to help and don’t forget to pre assign them duties.

02 wedding checklist

3. Perfect Hostess

Along with your parents, it is your duty to be the perfect hostess at your sister’s shaadi. And we are just not talking about welcoming the guests, it also involves making sure that your close friends and family are well fed, comfortable and enjoy the joyous celebrations just as much as you.

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4. SOS alerter

Whether it is the fluff of the lehenga she wants you to straighten out or the smudged eyeliner, you need to be on your toes and be available to assist her during her panic stricken SOS moments.

04 wedding checklist

5. Pee partner

Quite literally, though! Your sister may require some (a lot) of help in someone holding up her can-can and even the long lehenga trail while she goes to pee. Just be a doll and do it for her.

6. Gifts saver

All the gifts that the bride may receive, it is your duty to safely preserve them. Get a friend or two to help out and make sure the gifts and the shagun envelopes are safe with you.

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7. Stuff handler

A bride has a lot of things spurting up in her mind already, make it easier for her by handling everything that she might need even after the wedding. This means making sure that her overnight bag has been kept in the vidaai car and that all her suitcases and essentials are efficiently transported to her new home in time. Don’t forget to throw in a bar of chocolate in her overnight bag to satisfy her post phera cravings!

07 wedding checklist

8. Biggest believer

All through the journey, you have to be her confidante and her biggest cheerleader. There will be times when she will develop cold feet and at others, she might just seem overwhelmed by it all.  At such times, fill her in with positivity and remind her of all the good things that await her. If that still doesn’t help, then a box of chocolates and a glass of wine should always work!
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