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10 Moments When You Miss Your Dad SO MUCH After Marriage!

10 Moments When You Miss Your Dad SO MUCH After Marriage!

You may have found your prince, but dad will forever be your king, right? Fathers and daughters have a special, sometimes unspoken, bond and you’re bound to miss your dad a lot after your wedding. So much so that it makes you emotional to even think about it. Whether your dad was the more protective kind or a chilled one, here are a few ways you’ll definitely miss your dad once you get married and move away!

1. When you think of the times he would sweetly and slyly cajole you into making chai for him

And the extra adorable times he’d also make chai for you!

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2. When he sends you silly Whatsapp forwards daily that make you smile!

Uff, who knew he’d be so sentimental right?

2 miss your dad - selena gomez texting

3. When you need some solid, level-headed advice…

The kind only your dad specializes in giving!

4. When he calls you to check how you’re feeling when you’re down with the flu

Dad’s love >; All the medicines in the world.

4 miss your dad - 100 percent true

5. When your own father-in-law says something so ‘dad-like’ and it makes you miss your dad instantly!

It pains you to think that he must be lonely without you.

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6. When you watch the news and remember him because his Arnab time was sacrosanct!

Dad, can I pleaaaseee change the channel?

6 miss your dad - sad girl

7. When you think of the times you used to bicker with him just for fun

It’s every daughter’s prerogative, no?

8. When you look at your wedding pictures and there’s a photo of dad looking so sad at the vidai

You feel something tugging at your heart strings like never before.

8 miss your dad - alia bhatt 2 states

9. When you call to talk to mom, but dad hijacks the phone!

It’s so funny that they compete for your time and yet so darn adorable!

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10. When all you need after a long, hard day is your dad and a shared drink.

Yup; you don’t know of a cooler dad in the world and you know you are the luckiest daughter ever.

10 miss your dad - GOT arya stark

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