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9 Cute & Naughty Ways To Wake Up Your Hubby That He’ll Love!

9 Cute & Naughty Ways To Wake Up Your Hubby That He’ll Love!

Who says you gotta reserve all action with him for the night? Early morning is just as fun, if not better. Begin your mornings on the right note then with a generous dose of love, as we reveal 9 sweet and naughty ways to wake up your hubby…

1. If he’s sleeping flat on his back, wrap your body over his and play with his chest.

With your arms stretching across his breath, your legs stroking against his thighs and your body pressing against him – gently caress his chest and slowly make your way downwards.  He’d be only too happy to wake up to this love.

1 wake up your hubby

2. If he’s spooning you, get your behind to the job.

Just consciously wiggle your behind into him and watch his little soldier stand in attention to your call. Your sleepy husband won’t be far behind! *winks*

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3. If you’re spooning him, kiss him on the ear and the neck.

Who doesn’t like to wake up to kisses and warm hugs? But the trick here is to kiss and tickle where a man feels most. Put your mouth on his neck and ear then and watch him tense and rise under your slow movements. It’d make him feel loved like nothing else, we promise!

4. Whisper him to come close and then get on top of him!

In your sleepy, husky voice, tell him that you’re going to make love to him and then get on top of him and ride away. He’d love to open his eyes to the view of you sitting atop and moving hard. He’d beg of you for more mornings like this.

4 wake up your hubby

5. If he’s sleeping far away, roll on next to him and put his arm to pleasuring you.

Deep in sleep, he probably doesn’t remember what treasure lies next to him. Remind him of it all by taking his arm and putting it around you. He’d rise up to sweet reality and understand what mood you are in for!

6. Go for gold, or urm, you know make good use of “morning wood.”

His body wants it and is prepared rapt in attention to receive love from yours at the slightest cue. Unfortunately, the man himself is deep in sleep to answer to his own needs. You gotta make use of his attentive body then by touching him around his man parts. He will take care of the rest.

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7. Give him a warm, fuzzy feeling by taking him in the mouth!

Morning, afternoon, evening or many more times over the day – no man can get enough blow jobs. Don’t just wake your husband up then,  get him to jump in bed with frenzied excitement by taking him by surprise.

8. Tell him how much you love him. Yes, first thing in the morning.

Talk about starting the day on a positive note. Tell him that he means the world to you and you find him most adorable with ruffled hair and sleepy eyes. It’d make his day!

8 wake up your hubby

9. Breakfast in bed for Mr. Sleepyhead!

Waking up to delicious smelling food is always a good idea and he would love to be woken up to this treat.

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