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7 Ways To Keep Your Crush Guessing Via A Simple Text Message

7 Ways To Keep Your Crush Guessing Via A Simple Text Message

Have you wondered if there’s a handbook for texting rules when it comes to your crush? In this day and age, texting is the most convenient way to stay in touch. Learning a trick or two, to kick start a relationship and become a master at the art of texting would be bloody brilliant, wouldn't it? That’s why we’ve got you a list of 7 ways to keep your crush guessing while texting him.

1. Don’t respond immediately to their texts

We mean less is more. Take a while to respond to him, keep him waiting and craving you a little. Show him that you’re busy with your own life and that he must earn your time. But again, don’t make him wait for an eternity either.

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2. Slip a few innuendoes into your sentences

We mean a dash of naughtiness laced in your conversation could be your text weapon. Nothing gets a man more excited than a girl who is fun, interesting and has a kinky mind. Trust us, try this trick and you’ll have him texting you obsessively.

2 keep your crush on his toes - girl making faces

3. Avoid sending frustration texts

We mean limit your frustration texts like “God, Aanchal hasn’t come to work and now I’ll have to cover for her,” “Why are Delhi roads perpetually clogged?” and so on. Understand the fact that your crush isn’t your punching bag especially, when you’ve just started talking. We’d suggest you to keep conversations light, positive and fun.

4. No need to make the first move

We mean make him make a little extra effort. Make him see the strong, independent and busy girl that you are. Let him know that you’re going to make him work for it. Let him text you more, engage you and make an effort to create some space for himself in your life! P.S. Men love the chase!

4 keep your crush on his toes -  woman singing

5. Maintain an air of mystery

At the beginning of your conversations, you don’t need to tell him about every little thing that you did during the day. As much as you think so, what colour nail paint you finally applied or how you had a teary outburst because of an annoying colleague at work, can be quite a put-off, in this initial phase.

6. Get Him Excited About you

We mean leave him wanting to know you more. Tell him about a funny incident at work, a sport that gives you an adrenaline rush, or a dessert that gets your mouth watering. Let him know what fun it would be to just spend some time with you!

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6 keep your crush on his toes - girl so much fun

7. Stay Away From hyper texting

We mean, play it cool. If he takes long to respond, don’t fire away messages like, “Are you there?”, “Alive?” and the likes of it, because they sound desperate and overwhelming. Instead of overthinking and hyperventilating as to what’s taking him so long to revert, try to accept the fact that he may in fact be busy. Respecting his space, allowing him to take his time would make you super attractive to him.

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Published on Oct 25, 2017
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