7 Ways To Lift Your Hubby's Mood After He's Had A Bad Day (No, Not Just Sex!)

7 Ways To Lift Your Hubby's Mood After He's Had A Bad Day (No, Not Just Sex!)

All of us have good days and bad days. And everybody has their own way of dealing with a crappy day - some people like eating good food to feel better while others might go for a walk to unwind. But there are some people who just tend to close up. They don’t know what to do about their mood and just become cranky. If your hubby is one of them, and doesn’t really talk about his problems much, then use these ways to cheer up your husband and uplift his mood.

1. Take him out for dinner or fix his favourite dessert for him

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, or so we’ve heard! But the way to uplifting a man’s mood is also through his stomach. Try and take him out to his favourite restaurant, but if that doesn’t work out for some reason, you can just order food to be delivered to your house or maybe even put together his favourite meal or dessert. This ought to help cheer him a bit.

2. Watch a movie together - his favourite one!

Movies are a great way to divert one’s mind from whatever is going on in their life. If you think your husband is really stressed about something or has had a terrible day, then you can just watch his favourite movie with him. Get some popcorn, chips and coke and sprawl out on the couch to cuddle with him and watch it!

2 cheer up your husband watcing movie

3. Just cuddle with him on the couch and let him relax

If you think he’s in no mood to do ANYTHING at all, then don’t force him. Just let him relax for a bit. Maybe you could sit there with him quietly, massage his head or cuddle with him. He will really appreciate it and just your presence might soothe him a bit.

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4. Do not force him to talk about what is wrong

You do not know what caused that foul mood of his. So if he is just not ready to talk about it, chances are that it was terrible. Give him some time to calm down on his own. He will eventually tell you all about it, but don’t force him to do it if he doesn’t want to immediately.

4 cheer up your husband cuddling

5. Have a drink with him

Alcohol isn’t the answer to any problem, but sometimes, it can help create a more relaxed setting. If your partner’s had a small argument with his boss or a rough day in general, pour him and yourself a drink. If you don’t drink, pour yourself something non-alcoholic to give him company. It’ll make him feel he’s taken care of. Don’t make this a habit however, alcohol isn’t the best ingredient in problem-solving.

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6. Make him laugh with your cute antics

Husbands love the cute and weird antics their wives pull off. Stuff like dancing around in your shorts, or making funny faces or maybe even calling them with cute names, they love it all. So, if your husband finds any of your habits endearing, you should just focus on making him laugh by doing these things. Your weirdness will be a welcome breath of fresh air for him.

6 cheer up your husband cute couple antics

7. Have crazy sex with him, obviously!

This one can never fail, like really NEVER! We’re not telling you to use sex as a measure to avoid fights or anything, but when hubby dearest is in a horrible mood, then doing sexy stuff like taking a shower with him and following it up with crazy sex will definitely uplift his spirits instantly. Works like magic, ladies!

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