8 Unique Lehenga Colours That Are Killing It In 2017 - No, Not Reds & Pinks!

8 Unique Lehenga Colours That Are Killing It In 2017 - No, Not Reds & Pinks!

Bridal lehenga matlab red! Is this what you have seen, heard and believed all your life? Pretty much, yeah? Well, off late, we have seen brides experiment with their bridal outfits but with a subtle hint of reds and pinks always intact! Well, not anymore! These 8 beauties turned the tide and went all out with unique colour combinations on their big day! Check out these divas and get inspired all you soon-to-be brides!

1. Go the teal green way

We are so in love with this bride’s offbeat choice for her wedding lehenga. And we have to say, teal green is such an underestimated colour. Paired with the right amount of elegance, class and poise, it can make you look like a bride straight from heaven. Also, this pretty bride;s red chooda stands out because of the understated tone of her lehenga and we’re in LOVE!

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2. Royal blue and peachy delights

Ooh! Now, this again is a really pretty and unique choice - blue with a hint of blush pink. The gorgeous bride here opted for a heavily embroidered lehenga for her wedding (we can literally see the weight of the outfit!), but took it to another level by picking it in a dark blue colour. She styled it with two dupattas, one of the same colour and another one in blush pink that she wore on her head. It’s such a great combination and we are in awe!

3. Blue is BAE

This is one colour we’ve never ever seen on a bride before, especially on her wedding day. This beautiful bride who had a day wedding, chose a light blue lehenga for her big day. She paired it with a golden choli and contrasting red jewellery, which looks just so pretty! Also, doesn’t the exuberance of the blue bring out her natural bridal glow?

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4. Zesty green with feisty orange

We can’t say this enough and we will repeat this again... Orange is an extremely rich and beautiful colour which we tend to ignore among the array of reds and pinks available to us. But the bride saw what most of us don’t and opted for this bright orange velvet lehenga, teamed it with a green brocade choli and a beige dupatta and totally rocked a bold bride look! She went easy on her make-up and jewellery which balanced her bridal look really well.

5. Goddess in all her aqua glory


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Yes, we’ve seen so many brides wear yellow for their mehendi and haldi functions, but this beauty right here went a step ahead and teamed her yellow choli and dupatta with an aqua lehenga skirt which made her look dreamy AF. Her stunning floral jewellery and that gorgeous bridal glow were all the adornments she needed to look just like a real life princess!

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6. Minty freshness, much?

Pastels are in, they look stunning on brides and there’s no better way to prove it other than give you proof. So here it is - This pretty bella wore a mint green lehenga on her big day and surpassed the set levels of gorgeousness! She did team it with a super sexy baby pink choli (another pastel colour, btw!), a red chooda, minimal make-up and even lesser jewellery, but we’re not complaining. She totally nailed her day wedding look and how!

7. Lilac love

We usually associate lilac colour with the bridesmaids - the bride’s besties and sisters. But, who said the bride herself cannot pick this gorgeous colour for herself? If you are experimental enough and want to go subtle with your outfit for a day wedding, do what this bride did and pick a lavender lehenga. If not for the D-Day, you can always pick this shade for your sangeet or cocktail ceremonies.

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8. Mustard and lavender goodness

We know a lot of brides opt for mustard coloured lehengas on their big day, but what we found special about this bride’s outfit was the colour combination - mustard with a hint of lavender. It looks so fresh and glowy that we can’t help but love it! You should totally pick this cool combination for at least one of your functions, preferably the mehendi. You can also opt it for your big day if you have a day wedding planned.