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Transcendental Sex: The Type Of Sex To Blow Your Mind Away

Transcendental Sex: The Type Of Sex To Blow Your Mind Away

I’m sure you’ve heard stories about couples who have experienced transcendental sex while meditating, or under substance influence and so on. This is not that. Honestly, I would never have been able to fathom what that kind of sex would really be like. It’s like they say, “You don’t know it till you’ve got it.”

The first time I had transcendental sex, it was so magical (and creepy) that I wasn’t even in this realm, anymore (no kidding)!

My eyes were closed and so were his (trust me, you can tell). We were enjoying the moment; him going down on me; knowing his way around as if he belonged there. He had nimble fingers. The way they moved were art in itself. And while he knew he was good; he never knew he was that good - something I intend on keeping to myself.

It was a mix of everything - from his lips to his tongue and from his fingers to the way he urged every inch of my skin to come alive, all at once. All of this added to the fact that I was hopelessly and faithfully in love with him and everything he does.

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When you find someone whom you know you belong with, every move you make in waking life draws you closer to one another, somehow. It’s like magic. And that magic is what was coming to pass that night. As he went down on me, I could feel myself melt away; eyes closed. And suddenly, I wasn’t even there anymore.

It was a dark room; the only light coming in was dim and from an old window faraway. I was looking up towards the ceiling. Only, I wasn’t sitting on a bench. I was the bench!

This wasn’t just a flash of a second. This was a full-fledged vision I was having while he went down on me, driving me crazy (for a minute, I thought I was literally going crazy).

It wasn’t unpleasant, though. Au contraire, it was the calmest, most serene place in the whole world; not a sound for distances to come. And there I was - a part of that environment, in the most literal sense, staring up at the ceiling, peacefully. Then, I floated upwards so that now, I was the air around and inside this archaic structure. I could see the walls and look down to the ground; I could see the building from the outside; the trees that surrounded it. It was a charred brown - but, not from being burned or abandoned; just from being old. I stayed that way and it was the most meditative state I have ever been in.

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When it was over, I was a little embarrassed because I thought I had fallen asleep and was dreaming while he gave me the most pleasurable cunninlingus of my life. But, wait, how could I be well aware of all that he was doing to me while I was asleep and dreaming of being this calm environment. I was the calm environment!

Soon after, I snapped out of it, and the pleasure continued to remain, we then indulged ourselves in penetrative sex and there I was, back again, being that furniture, the structure and the air.

This was no dream; of that I was certain this time. But, what the hell was this?

Night turned to dawn, and the sex that night had been phenomenal for both of us. I brushed off the incident, though, as a one-off experience from having had mind blowing sex after ages.

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The next night, there I was again! The furniture, the building, the air! I was all of it and everywhere, in a whole other realm!

And that’s when I realised that what I was experiencing - my recurring visions during sex - was not a sign of me going crazy; but, evidence enough that our sex was so transcendental, it had created a sort of synaesthesia.

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Synaesthesia is defined as the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body. Someone who experiences synaesthesia is called a synesthete. Sex with this wonderful gift of a man had transformed me into an almost-serial synesthete (not that I minded, at all)!

This happened almost every night since; whenever we had sex.   

For those of you still struggling to understand, transcendental sex is a sort of sexual, or orgasmic synaesthesia. If and when you have visions, wherein you can smell and taste colour (YES!) or are part of the surrounding environment; that’s when you’re experiencing monumental sex (pun totally intended)!

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Here’s the thing though, through all of my research on synaesthesia through sex and transcendence, what I’ve observed is, in all cases, the partners were spiritually connected. They were/are long-time lovers and have a connection that is beyond any comparison to most.   

In my case, too, we are clearly so emotional and crazy about each other that just the act of touching, alone can send us spiralling down the horny little rabbit hole. It’s the kind of connection where you know you exist within a particular surrounding just sensing one another’s presence. For those of you who know what this is like, I hope you’re nodding your heads.

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To be able to attain this sort of state, you need a deep level of connection - emotional, physical and spiritual. It’s beyond just wanting to rip each other’s clothes off. It’s about wanting to give so passionately that the passion itself becomes you. It’s about being consumed in each other and absolutely content with being where you are, in that moment.

Before we became intimate that night, both of us were in happy and contented states of minds. We weren’t stressing about anything. We met for dinner, held hands and looked into each other’s eyes. We joked around and pulled each other’s legs. We were grinning and affectionate about each other to the point that even a blind man would sense that the two of us were in love.

The dinner was just as good - another factor adding to the happiness quotient!

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On our way back home, we listened to music and laughed about the silliest things. We were in the moment with each other, from beginning to end; all the while eagerly anticipating our moves once we were in the confines of the bedroom. Both of us were well aware of events that were about to unfold. This wasn’t the first time and certainly wouldn’t be the last. But, this was the first time, we were this in tune with our souls, our feelings and each other.

We knew exactly what we wanted and we were doing just that - being together. Nothing else mattered.

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Transcendental sex sounds unreal - a year ago, I would have seconded that. But, it’s all about meeting the right person. Some people talk about soulmates and twin flames; others talk about tantric sex. I personally feel that to be able to experience sexual synaesthesia you just have to find the one who is truly meant for you; call it a soulmate or a twin flame if you like. And it’s about being with them in the moment, for every moment forward! It’s when you know that this person is whom you want to be with; and vice versa. Then, let it come to you naturally. Don’t overthink it and don’t let the experience itself scare you.

Embrace it and transcend!

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