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22 Thoughts Every Girl Has On Her Period That Are Real AF

22 Thoughts Every Girl Has On Her Period That Are Real AF

They come and go every month and we hate them! Our monthly periods are no stroll in the park. They cause troubles before coming and definitely while they persist. In fact, sometimes, they irritate us even when they’re gone. Basically, if period was a person, he’d probably be the worst kind of guy out there; and he’d have a bounty on his head.

But, knowing that there is no way of avoiding them; unless you plan on getting pregnant (and frankly, I don’t know about that just yet), here are 22 thoughts every one of us women knows to be true, every single month. Period!

1. “ I hope that time of the month is not close”

No matter how far it is, in our heads, it’s just around the corner!

1 Thoughts every girl has about her period

2. “Why am I always hungry”

But, I am usually not, so it’s just THAT time of the month!

3. “How many pizzas are too many pizzas?”

Ah! But it’s THAT time of the month no? So, how does it matter?

4. “ Really? You don’t look like you’re on your period”

When other girls say they’re on their period and they look amazingly calm - But HOW?

5. “Oh dear period, where art thou?”

When you’re sexually active but not getting your period…

5 Thoughts every girl has about her period

6. “So, last month’s period was really bad, I guess this one’s going to be fine”

Your period secretly - “Challenge accepted”!

7. “ But why are you not here, yet?”

I didn’t even have sex this month, what is this game now, dear period?

8. “Let’s try free bleeding this month”

“Well, so many girls have tried this - I think I too can be a part of it - Umm, nevermind”

9. “But why every month?”

Couldn’t this cycle be once in three or four months? Why God, why?

9 Thoughts every girl has about her period

10. “Is there a magical pad, or tampon I won’t feel?”

Only if there was an invisible sanitary or tampon that could rescue us from feeling like there’s a cactus… down there!

11. “Don’t sneeze...Don’t sneeze...there yo...ahchoo”

What just leaked? Damn, me!

12. “Is it time to stock up on those ST’s?”

I think I have one more week, who will go all the way to the supermarket?

13. Surpriseee!!!

When your period shows up a few days before the due date - “Death and despair has entered my life.”

13 Thoughts every girl has about her period

14. “How many more days till I can wear those pretty thongs?”

Because periods are for granny panties...period!

15. “Might as well wear these amazeballs outfits before D-day”

After all, the mood to dress up will just disappear once you’re on your period.

16. *Secretly asks for a ST* - “I am not ashamed of my periods!”


17. When you’re PMS-ing and you drop a spoon

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

17 Thoughts every girl has about her period

18. Is it time to sort the wardrobe yet?

“Let’s dig out the baggy pants from the back of the closet”

19. When a pimple pops up right before a date with the cutie

“Great now uterus, why don’t you just kill me?”

20. But guys never have to go through all this…

Why God, WHY?

21. “10, 15...Oh! 5 more days till I can have sex”

Not many of us like the 5-day lull…or wait, period sex is so much more fun!

21 Thoughts every girl has about her period

22. Well, instead of these periods, can god send us little notes saying “Congratulations, you’re NOT pregnant?”

Well, so much for small victories!

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