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16 Thoughts Every Bride Has While Shopping For Her Wedding Outfit!

16 Thoughts Every Bride Has While Shopping For Her Wedding Outfit!

If you had a tough time deciding on what to wear while getting ready for college or even work, then your wedding lehenga shopping will definitely not be easy! Shopping for your wedding outfit is a different confusion altogether! With so many colour options, designs and embroideries, it surely can be very overwhelming. And the many ‘opinions’ given by family members and friends only compounds the mind boggling task. Here are a few thoughts every bride goes through while shopping for that ‘perfect’ lehenga for the D-Day!

1. “One minute. Am I trying all this for MY wedding?!”

1 wedding lehenga shopping

2. *lifts the lehenga* “This is so heavy!  How am I supposed to wear this and walk?!”

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3. “Should I ask them for the “Kareena waala lehenga? ”

3 wedding lehenga shopping

4. “Does this colour suit me?”

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5. “What is the difference between champagne and ivory?”

5 wedding lehenga shopping

6. “How will I pee wearing this?”

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7. “It was easier searching for a lehenga on Pinterest!”

7 wedding lehenga shopping

8. “I hope I am not looking FAT!”

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9. “It’s time I start my wedding diet!”

9 wedding lehenga shopping

10. “Looking for clothes for college was wayyyyy easier!”

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11. “Woah! I am getting the bridal feeling now!

11 wedding lehenga shopping

12. “This is IT! I have found the perfect outfit!”

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13. “I am sure my fiancé won’t be able to get his eyes off me!”

13 wedding lehenga shopping

14. “I hope MIL likes it too?!”

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15. “Should I ask my photographer and make-up artists for their opinion?”

15 wedding lehenga shopping

16. *tears of joy*

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