9 Thoughts You Will Definitely Have A Day Before Your Sister's Wedding!

9 Thoughts You Will Definitely Have A Day Before Your Sister's Wedding!

Your sister’s wedding - an occasion where you don’t know whether to be happy or sad because you are always experiencing mixed emotions. While you could be happy about getting a new jiju, you could even be super sad about your sister leaving home… And that’s just how it is! But there are a few things that go on every girl’s mind on the last day before her sister’s wedding. We tried to compile a few of them and think that these are quite relatable, especially if your sister’s wedding is round the corner.

1. “I hope everything goes on smoothly without any unnecessary drama”

Like no complaining uncles, no problem with the food and just everybody enjoying the festivities.

2. “What will I do without her after tomorrow? I’ll be alone in the room!”

Damn it! And I am scared of the dark… This is going to be horrible! I’ll miss her so much!

2 sisters wedding girl wondering

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3. “But hey, that isn’t really all bad! I’ll have the whole room to myself...”

Yeah, at least now I’ll have some privacy and she’ll not be around to boss me. But let’s not fool anybody, I’ll still miss her!

4. “Mom and dad’s complete attention will be on me! I don’t know whether to be happy about it or worried!”

Will they ask me about my boyfriend? Coz’ I won’t be able to blame the landline bill on my sister anymore!!!

4 sisters wedding surprised girl

5. “Oh crap! Did I get all the things pandit ji asked me to! Let me check the list again…”

But where did I keep the list! Oh right, in the drawer…*checks list* Man, three things still left!

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6. “My sister will look so pretty as a bride!”

I hope I am able to hold back my tears when I see her all dressed up as a dulhan! A not-so-subtle reminder that she is leaving me and going *sob*

6 sisters wedding crying girl

7. “But will I be able to cry during her vidaai… It will look really awkward if I don’t!”

I am super awkward in such situations. And even though I cry about the tiniest of things possible, I’m worried I’ll just stand there funnily during her vidaai.

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8. “I wonder if there will be any good-looking guys in the baraat… Really hope there are!”

Although I’ll not really have the time to check them out, it’s always nice to have some gorgeousness around!

8 sisters wedding pretty guy

9. “I hope I get enough time to get ready properly! I don’t want to look bad at my own sister’s wedding!”

In between arranging cars for everybody to get to the parlour and making sure every other thing is in place, I hope I don’t miss out on getting ready properly!

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