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9 Things You MUST Let Your Wedding Photographer Know Well In Advance!

9 Things You MUST Let Your Wedding Photographer Know Well In Advance!

A close friend of mine got married last year in a grand wedding ceremony with a guest list of about 1000 people. But while everything was splendid, she wasn’t quite happy with how the photographs had turned out. I thought they were great, but according to my friend, it wasn’t what she wanted. And yeah, a couple of the family members got missed out.

You could have truly hit gold if you have found the perfect photographer that suits your requirement. But hey, he is no mind reader, and needs to be carefully guided to ensure he uses his photography skills to the best use. Whether you want more candid captures than mushy ones or want the team to focus on a specific event, here are 9 things you should definitely tell your wedding photographer before the D-day!

1. The Area Plan & Venue

Even though this might sound pretty simple, it is the most crucial element of your wedding festivities. Make sure that the photographer has a thorough understanding of the layout of the venue well ahead of the wedding. Give him an area plan so that he can consider the lighting requirements of the place. Additionally, a general idea about the colour themes would be of much benefit to the photographer and would also give him ample time to plan, visualize and set his equipments in advance.

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2. The Timeline Of Events

Along with the area plan and venue details, it will be great if you can give him/her a detailed timeline of events that he can be well aware of in advance. Now we know, wedding schedules are bound to keep changing, but a timeline guide of all the little ceremonies will ensure that he doesn’t miss any of the important moments of your wedding festivities.

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3. Point Of Contact

Now your wedding photographer may have an entourage of his own but it is important that he has a point of contact he can raise his concerns with in your family. Instead of talking to 5 different family members, it’s best you give him the contact of that one person who will be responsible for taking the final call related to photography.

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4. Surprise, Surprise!

Your wedding photographer holds one of the most important duties, and it is only obvious that he knows about the minute details of the wedding ceremony to plan his work. Whether it is a surprise dance performance or a last-minute planned proposal by the groom, always let him know first.

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5. A List Of Photographs

So you’ve bookmarked this article on ‘bride & bestie pictures’ but in all probability, you’ll forget to get these clicked during all the wedding madness. Same goes for romantic photos you want with your hubby or your bridal portrait. It is important to share a list of pictures that you really really want so your photographer can keep a track of it. This will ensure that the most important moments are captured beautifully and in the most hassle free way.

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6. The People Who Matter To You The Most

You definitely don’t want your relatives complaining about them missing from all the important pictures of your wedding ceremony. Your photographer is definitely not a mind reader and will surely need some ‘hand holding’ in getting acquainted to the most important people in your family. It is best to let him know about who the close friends and family are from both sides so that they are in focus in the wedding pictures.

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7. Nature Of Captures

Whether it is the candid captures you favour or the romantic ones that you adore, it is very important for you to sit with your photographer and convey your vision to him. This will ensure that both the parties are happy and everything is smooth sailing.

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8. Attention To Detail

Wedding photography is definitely not just about the bride and the groom or the ceremonies. While most photographers make sure they capture every little detail, do let him/her know if there is any specific decor arrangement, setup or prop that you’d like the team to pay special attention to.

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9. A Lipdub Or A Getting Ready Video?

Remember the ‘Cheap Thrills’ bride?! Well, her getting ready session went viral and a lot of brides-to-be wanted to do just the same at their wedding too. Whether you are planning a lipdub involving your entire family, a fun getting ready video or any other such innovative ideas, let your photographer know well in advance. It involves planning and finances that can’t be worked out at the last minute.

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