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Dear Jeeju, Here Are 10 Things I Want To Tell You Before You Marry My Didi!

Dear Jeeju, Here Are 10 Things I Want To Tell You Before You Marry My Didi!

If your sister is getting married soon we can only imagine the barrage of emotions stirring up inside you right this minute. You are so excited about the upcoming wedding but you know there’s going to be a huge void in your life once she goes away, right? To ensure that she is not overwhelmed and is comfortable in her new home, here are a few things to tell your jeeju before their D Day! Oh, and he better be taking notes.

1. Let’s get one thing very clear right from the start. I’m going to be very nice to you but conditions apply.

You’ve got to treat her like the queen she is…duh!

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2. Crazy runs in our family so don’t get alarmed.

If you find her moods changing a couple of hundred times a day, that’s totally normal. Well our kind of normal anyway.

2 things to tell your jeeju - gossip girls

3. DO NOT actually tell her that she is moody. This kind of talk is not well received.

Just be nice and, like, buy her chocolates and stuff.

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4. Please get used to having me around…a lot.

Yup, think of it as a sweet deal. Buy one, get one free?

4 things to tell your jeeju - alia shaandar

5. She is terribly addicted to social media so get used to seeing the top of her head a lot.

For her face shall be perpetually buried in that device.

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6. Please be accommodative as she is bound to miss us all a lot.

Yeah, we’ve never stayed apart and can’t even bear the thought… *Welling up with tears*

6 things to tell your jeeju - deepika padukone yjhd

7. She LOVES surprises.

This may or may not be related to the point above. It all depends on how great you are at picking up hints!

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8. I’m single so if you have cute friends this would be a good time to let me know.

Yeah yeah, I know this had nothing to do with my sister but just putting it out there!

8 things to tell your jeeju - alia fawad

9. My sister can be impulsive and mildly irrational at times but she has a heart of gold.

Yeah, she’s literally the best person I know. In this world…I mean universe. You get the point, right?

A good love story is always a good way to calm her down. Buy her a novel from Amazon for Rs 350

10. Do me a favour? Assure my parents at the bidaai that you’ll take care of their precious little girl. I know mom and dad will have the hardest time letting go.

While you’re at it, I could use some assurance on that day too!

10 things to tell your jeeju - deepika padukone yjhd cocktail

I wish you both the most magical life ahead and can’t wait to intrude every chance I get. Welcome to the family!

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Published on Oct 4, 2017
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