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10 Adorable Things That Happen When Your Bae Becomes Your BFF!

10 Adorable Things That Happen When Your Bae Becomes Your BFF!

If you are head over heels in love with someone, you often let all the relationship drama slide away with a pinch of salt and lots of tequila, right? But what makes a relationship absolutely fabulous? When your boyfriend becomes your BFF. Yes! If that has happened for you, he is a real catch.

1. He is your best advisor

He knows literally everything that is happening in your life - a family problem, a friend situation or a job advice, you discuss everything with him. And well, he gives you the best advice too.

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2. You order for each other without asking

You both know each other's food choices so well, it’s like you are ordering for yourself. And if that's not love and friendship then what is?

boyfriend becomes your best friend 2

3. He has your menstrual calendar on his tips

Most boyfriends cringe at the mention of periods but not if he is your best friend. You can be yourself without covering up those mood swings. And like a BFF, he will surprise you by having everything ready - pads, tampons, chocolate, hot water bottle and cuddles.

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4. You adore the inner geek in him

You might not be into the same stuff as he loves but you find it super adorable when you see him enjoying his video games, trying to learn french or just working. The important part is, he is willing to share a part of himself with you that he would never share with anyone else. And that is the time you know you are BFF's while being each other's significant other.

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5. Date nights are SO easy

Date nights now are hassle free. You both are under no obligation to look flawless for each other every time. You can just hang out without the constant nervousness of pleasing or planning for him. Most of your dates also turn into weird adventures like a spontaneous trip or chilling with random people in random bars.

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6. You are absolutely okay spending time without him

We know you would want him by your side everywhere you go but sometimes that's not possible. And that's completely okay because the key to a successful relationship is where both partners have their space. Moreover, we all want a ladies night out after every few days, right?

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7. You both have embraced each other’s weirdness

Remember the time when you first started dating? It was about the perfect dress, makeup and hair. But now that he is madly in love with you - you are way past that phase. You can chill with him while wearing that baggy t-shirt you own, eat a subway with the sauce dripping everywhere and be around him without having your upper lip done. He loves you irrespective of these things.

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8. You both have inside jokes

You both share looks and instantly know what the other one is thinking. You have weird code names for people who you both mutually dislike. You know your boyfriend is your BFF when you can relate to him at a level that you can't with anyone else.

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9. You have the official #CoupleGoals status in your friends circle

Whether it's your group of girlfriends or his work colleagues - you are an inspiration for all of them. They vouch for your love and the friendship you both share. And that’s absolutely adorable.

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10.  You complete each other

Sentences? Words? Desserts? Basically you complete each other in a way no one ever can.  

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