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11 Things ONLY A Chashmish Girl Will Get!

11 Things ONLY A Chashmish Girl Will Get!

If you look around in a crowd, you’ll probably spot several people with glasses. Gazing around, are you? So, it’s safe to say that a lot of people wear glasses which also means that a lot of people will definitely relate to the things that are listed below. All the speckies will agree with me when I say that we have a love-hate relationship with our glasses. While some are sweet little nothings, read the others for a good laugh!

1. Never could we see the time from the wall clock hanging right in front of the bed

Waking up with a blurry vision is a struggle.

things only a girl who wears specks will know 1 girl nerd glasses

And to make sure you look at the time just right, here is a wall clock (Rs 1,399) you can hang right in front of you!

2. People like to play this annoying little game with you every time

They put their hand up and ask you this stupid question - “Ye kitne hai, ye kitne hai. Ab ye bata kitne hai”. Grow up, guys! *rolling eyes*

3. The oil or sweat on our nose is the worst thing on this planet

Slipping, slipping, slipping away. Working out with our glasses is next to impossible.

And to keep that sweat off your face, use the Clean & Clear face wash (Rs 95)

4. And when we get out of an AC car, we just can’t see!

There’s fog on our glasses and we need a couple of minutes to get back to normalcy

5. 3D movie what?

Glasses over glasses? Ugh!

things only a girl who wears specks will know 5 3 Dglasses

And to give yourself a break from everything, here is a DVD set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Rs 8,480)  that you will love!

6. People thought that you were always studying as a child

Sometimes it’s just genetics, you idiot!

7. When you lose your glasses, it’s basically the end of the world

You need another pair of glasses to look for them or simply yell ‘mummmyyyyy’ for help.

In case you have lost your only pair, here is one frame (Rs 687)  you will definitely love!

8. You just can’t see in the shower

Which is why you sometimes accidentally end up using your conditioner and then your shampoo.

9. Having tea or anything hot means needing a wiper on your glasses

Which is also the case with heavy rains!

things only a girl who wears specks will know 9 girl nerd glasses

10. The Snapchat filters need a lot of adjustment

If you wear glasses then you’d know the real struggles of getting the Snapchat filters right!

11. But sometimes, they add an extra oomph to your OOTD

Glasses are not that bad, after all!

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