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These 9 Movies Will Give You Some Major Travel Goals!

These 9 Movies Will Give You Some Major Travel Goals!

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page,” St. Augustine had once said very wisely. The last couple of years have given us movie releases that make one journey from Kolkata ki galiyaan to Croatia’s coastlines, from the ever glittering Los Angeles to Sadda Pind Punjab, giving us some major #TravelGoals. If you too are a traveller at heart, then you definitely would enjoy watching these movies and might even be inspired to pack your bags and just flee the city this holiday season.

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1. Fitoor

Set in Kashmir, this Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif-starrer captures the pristine beauty of the snow-covered mountains and its surreal winter beauty. The twisted love story, an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations, along with the picturesque beauty would just make you want to pack your jumpers and set off on your own wanderlust.

1 travel goals - fitoor

2. Hell or High Water

In this movie, as the two frustrated brothers embark on a journey to save their livelihood, they travel through small towns, breathtaking desert landscapes of the American West which are a definite treat to the eyes. From canyons to mountains, from stargazing to splendid sunsets, you don’t want to miss this movie.

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3. Tamasha

Explore the long coastlines, stunning Gothic and Renaissance architecture of the beautiful Eastern European country, Croatia. If you’re an adventurer at heart like Ranbir and Deepika’s characters in this film, this movie is just the right pick for you.

3 travel goals - tamasha

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4. Arrival

Set in the landscape of  Bozeman, Montana, this movie explores the intimacy and complexity of human relationships-on Earth and beyond. The serenity of this town and the wildlife of the Bridger mountains would surely tickle the traveller bone in you.

5. Simran

Simran’s journey meanders taking the viewer from her hometown Atlanta in the United States, to Las Vegas where she becomes a gambling queen. P.S. Kangana Ranaut’s happy place by the river would leave you reeling and wishing you were in her shoes. Trust us, after watching this movie, you won’t be able to help but book the next flight out.

5 travel goals - simran

6. Lion

This Oscar contender showcases the expansive city of Kolkata from the eyes of the story’s protagonist. It magnificently captures the beauty amidst the slums and traffic jams, from Pareshnath Jain temple to the city’s colourful larger-than-life Diwali celebrations. This film will leave you inspired to travel to the East and make some amazing memories in the city of joy that is Kolkata.

7. La La Land

This film is not just a love story but a truly marvellous travel experience around the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. From the LightHouse Cafe to the Hollywood Center Studios, this movie musically shows you how there is something for everyone in the L.A.

7 travel goals -  - the lighthouse cafe

8. Paris Can Wait

This romantic travel tale from South of France all the way to Paris takes you through a delightful journey of a married lady and her husband’s business associate through France. Each town is alluring in its own way and offers unique gastronomical experiences, as their unconventional love story unravels. Listen to the bells ringing, the city of love is calling out to you!

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9. Jab Harry Met Sejal

From apna desi Pind (Punjab) to picturesque Europe, you get to experience the contrasting East to the West, with Harry and Sejal. From Amsterdam’s canal cruises to Vienna’s architectural wonders, from Prague’s cobblestoned streets to the thermal baths of Budapest, this movie would surely spark a desire to travel.

9 travel goals - jab harry met sejal

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Published on Oct 12, 2017
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