10 Texting Habits All Happy Couples Have!

10 Texting Habits All Happy Couples Have!

It’s safe to say that in the initial days of a relationship, there are a ton of (flirty) messages exchanged. There is a constant back and forth of adorable banter. While a seasoned couple might beg to differ, they still have their own texting rules. All happy couples follow a few practices and ‘healthy texting’ is one of them.

1. That obligatory good morning message

Irrespective of which part of the world or which time zone, they always send each other a good morning message to start the day on a happy note.

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2. Speak openly

They would never send messages like, “we need to talk” to each other and leave their partner in suspense. Instead, if they need to discuss and talk about something, they prefer to do the same face to face rather than put it down on a message.

2 texting habits of couples

3. Sign off when unavailable

To spare each other’s feelings, happy couples always sign off. For instance, if one of them have a meeting to go in for, he/she would always drop a message to their partner and let them know that they would be busy.

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4. No fighting over messages

Instead - they pick up the phone and speak! Sending messages in CAPITAL LETTERS is not what they do!

4 texting habits of couples

5. Sticking to a word limit

Couples don’t send out long messages to each other. A simple, “how was your day” is replied with a sweet two word reply instead of a 300-word long message, describing each and every detail of the day. They can easily be discussed over the phone!

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6. Check on each other

If they don’t have the time of calling each other during work, they make sure they drop a message to each other. A simple message like, “had lunch”? or “’are you home?” are simple and sweet gestures of showing concern for each other.

6 texting habits of couples

7. Don’t text when you’re pissed off

Texting when you’re mad can lead to more trouble! Happy couples wait for each other to cool down before messaging each other.

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8. Limited number of texts per day

If a message does not get a reply, the partner does not start obsessing and start sending follow up messages like, “why aren’t you replying” or “are you ignoring me?” They are settled in their relationship and don’t let things get that bad.

8 texting habits of couples

9. Sexting

They keep things interesting by dropping a hot and sexy message every now and then, during the day! *Wink*

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10. The ‘I Love You’ ritual

A happy couple would never miss an opportunity to remind each other about the love. They make sure to send an “I love you” message to each other every once in awhile.

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