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Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Getting Down And Dirty On The First Date!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Getting Down And Dirty On The First Date!

1. The First Kiss

Dating had never been a task for me, but before this incident, it had been anything but a joy ride. I was tired of my friends setting me up with guys they knew that never progressed to anything beyond the first date and this one seemed no different. The restaurant was nice, and the ambiance was romantic, but there was just no spark. Small talk, three courses of dinner, and lots of wine later, we made it to his car, so that I could bid him goodnight and catch a cab back home, where I'd curl up in my blanket and fall asleep in front of the TV.

Just as I leaned in to give him a friendly hug goodbye, he leaned in the wrong way and our lips met, briefly surprising both of us, as we hurriedly broke apart. But the spark had already ignited a flame. Two brisk moves and we were locked in a fierce lip lock, the wine setting our blood ablaze and pushing all our apprehensions out of our systems in the cold air of the restaurant parking lot. I have no idea how we made it to my place, but as soon as we were in the house, I made our way to the bedroom, unzipping him as we fumbled in. Carrying me in his arms, he dropped me on my bed, pinning my hands to the bedpost and swiftly undressing me with his free hand. I moaned, as I felt his lips kiss my neck and made their way down to my midriff as I felt him harden at my touch, and gasp at the gentle teasing of my fingers. The rest is a blur of sweet headiness.

1 sex on the first date

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2. A Cup of Coffee

Does coffee count as a date? That’s how I met him. The blind date had been set up by a friend who thought my passive aggressiveness was getting out of hand. He couldn’t wait for me to find someone who would distract me enough to keep me happy. I knew he had a keen eye for men (since he was into them himself) so I trusted him enough to spare an evening. Little did I know that one cup of coffee would turn into three and my date and I would spend hours talking about where we’d grown up, cities we had traveled to and even people we had dated!

But when the time came to say goodbye, we couldn’t let go as we hugged each other. His mouth found a sweet spot on my neck as I let out a slight moan. That was all the encouragement he needed apparently, as he lead me into the car parked across the road near an alley. His fingers were teasing my back as we walked towards the car. As soon as we were in, he began kissing me passionately, cupping my ass as he pulled me on top of him. He was a large man and I was grateful for his SUV as we soon began undressing each other. I can’t ever forget that rush of adrenaline that pulsed through my veins as he made me orgasm for the first time.

2 sex on the first date

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3. Just a group of people and some alone time…

I had bumped into this guy at a party once. Turned out that he was an old acquaintance of my best friend. We just had a brief introduction, most of which we don’t remember because we both were very drunk. We interacted soon after that on social media. We had great conversations for a couple of weeks when we decided to go out for another party. That was our first official date. We came back home together because my house was closer to the party place and he needed a place to crash. While we didn’t decide on being in the same room, my other drunk friend went and slept in the only empty room. I went and lay next to him. We were so drunk that one thing led to another and we started making out and before we knew!

The rest is history but you know what they say? Some great relationships start with sex on the first date!

3 sex on the first date

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