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#Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Intense Passion On A Blind Date

#Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Intense Passion On A Blind Date

1. Show Time

My first blind date and he was already 15 minutes late. It's safe to say that I was a bit disappointed. We were going to watch a movie and I decided to wait inside instead of standing outside the theatre and maybe even missing bits of the movie. He made his way to his seat quietly, 15 minutes later, still. I didn’t say a word and he didn’t bother to introduce himself. ‘I love women with guns,’ he said. That was his first line to me. (the movie in context is Argo)

I looked at him for the first time, his jawline, his dimpled smile. I was wrong. You can get hooked by the way someone looked on their first blind date. His fingers slowly found mine and he held my hand, it’s safe to say that I was already in lust with this boy. The intermission arrived and we found an alley behind the building. I still don’t know the ending of that movie but I do know that he had the softest lips, the roughest hands and really strong forearms as he held me against the wall throughout our makeout session. We made our way to his car, his hand still inside my shirt. As one orgasm lead to another.

01 blind date

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2. Guilty, as charged

There I was, yet again, being set up on dates by my best friend. This was the 5th blind date, and I knew it wasn't going to get any better. A couple of minutes after reaching the restaurant, the waiter brought me a drink, saying that it was from 'the gentleman at the bar'. My anger melted away instantly, as I saw the gorgeous hunk smiling warmly at me.

I walked up to him, and boy, did we hit it off. His crisp white shirt folded halfway through his  forearms and the way he slightly touched my fingers as he leaned in closer to whisper in my ears were all making my giddy with excitement. The air was crackling with sexual tension and we both knew it. Several drinks, and lustful glances gazes later, he grabbed my hand and pulled me close as he whispered, “Let’s get out of here”. All I remember next, is making my way into his apartment, feeling my fingers around his neck and his soft lips leaving a trail of electricity down my neck, setting my skin ablaze. Ripping my sheer blouse apart, he pushed me onto his bed, and dropped his pants, making his way to where I lay burning with desire.

Just as we resumed kissing with ferocious longing, he said “Sorry I got late. I am willing to accept any punishment you’d love to give me”. He winked at my astounded face, as I drunkenly giggled and climbed on top of him moaning “Oh, you’re going to be punished all night long, baby!”

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3. Serendipity

Funnily enough, our parents had fixed up our meeting because they thought we were ‘perfect’ partners for each other. I entered the coffee shop, fashionably late, and was looking around trying to find him when our eyes met. There was an instant charge in the air, one that I recognised very well but had never previously experienced. I walked over to him and sat opposite him.

There is a good chance that he felt the same thing that I did because within half an hour of meeting, he asked me if I wanted to head somewhere more ‘comfortable’, like his place. There was nobody home and we were sitting on the sofa when he whispered ‘I have this irresistible urge to kiss you’. With butterflies in my tummy, I replied ‘if it’s irresistible, why haven’t you done it already?’ Before I knew it, we were making out and soon things got pretty wild.

That night, lying on my bed, I saw his text and wondered how could my parents be so right about us!  

3 blind date

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