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Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Heart Melting College Romance

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Heart Melting College Romance

1. True Love Exists!

Who would have ever thought that a chance meeting at a college party would end up in a love of a lifetime? I was never a believer of fate or soulmates until my best friend introduced me to him. Even though we’d been in the same college for two years, we hadn’t ever met because we were in different courses.

A few late night phone calls later, I realised that maybe, just maybe, this nerd was in love. But the question was if he liked me too and I had no way of finding out. After months of agonizing over the situation, he finally confessed. The sort of relief and elation I felt in that moment was only replicated five years later when we got married. True love does exist after all!

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2. Over Again!

He fumbled with his name a little and that’s when I looked up from my book. Juniors being introduced always bored me. The typical questions, the even more typical answers. But this one, he made me smile with just the way his eyes crinkled a bit when he finally said his name. His eyes met mine and I didn’t look away. I think that was it. That one moment was all it took.

Somewhere in between stealing glances and each other’s coffee to hogging the blanket in the nights, we also ended up stealing each other’s hearts. “You remember that day?” he asked and I nodded. “From that day, to today and everyday from here on, I will only love you.” My smile was so huge, it probably would’ve broken the entire Church. But it didn’t. “I do.” I said and we kissed. And it all began, over again.

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3. I’ve Never Loved That Way

Is it strange that I shifted cities and joined his college just to be closer to him? We’d already been dating since a year and I couldn’t wait to surprise him. He had no idea I had been planning this for the past 3 months, filling out forms, submitting applications and finding a PG here. It was the first day of college, I knew exactly where his class was (we’d been together for way too long). I made my way to his classroom, our college had glass doors and you could see right past it. He saw me from across his class and I swear his eyes bulged out of their sockets! He later told me that it took all his self control to not squeal like a little girl.  

He quickly excused himself from the class and scrambled to the corridor. Taking me into his arms in one swift motion. Everybody was staring at the scene that unfolded and I think a few even began clapping. “You’re really here! I’ve always imagined you here. But you are now and I can’t believe it!” We did break up 3 years after that day but I don’t think I have ever had a happier day. The tears in his eyes were as real as love gets.

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