#MythNoMore: Does Shaving *Really* Make Your Hair Grow Back Faster And Thicker?

#MythNoMore: Does Shaving *Really* Make Your Hair Grow Back Faster And Thicker?

I’ve been using a razor for years now. It’s not that I haven’t tried waxing before, in fact, it’s left a bitter taste in my mouth. The first and the last time I got waxed was nine years ago. I suffered from a nasty rash instantly after the session. It was so horrifying that those tiny red bumps did not fade away from my skin for a week! That’s when I befriended the razor. In fact, I loved it so much that I never felt the need to switch to any other hair removal method after.

It’s not only an inexpensive way to remove hair, but also a portable grooming tool. Most of my friends have mixed feelings about using one. With so many shaving myths doing the rounds, they’re usually sceptical about giving it a shot. One of the most popular myths about shaving is that regular shaving makes the hair grow back thicker and faster. I never really put much thought into this, but after hearing about it, I felt determined to put the razor to test.

Products I Used

1. Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razor (Rs 55)

2. Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Conditioner (Rs 110)

3. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Spray Moisturizer (Rs 202)


2 internal hair grow back thicker

I first washed my left hand with lukewarm water. Then, I applied a tiny amount of hair conditioner on my hand and evenly spread it. I left the product on for 2 minutes to absorb it well into my skin. Then I picked up my razor and began to shave in the natural direction of my hair. Keeping my strokes short, I rinsed the blades after each shave. Later, I washed my skin with warm water and used a towel to pat dry. I finished this routine with a moisturiser.

Desired Results

This method ensures long-lasting results and a smooth shave.

Expert Speak

Since I wanted a second opinion on this, I got in touch with a Mumbai-based dermatologist, Dr Rashmi Shetty. “We have all been afraid of this one at some point. Hair re-growth is determined by DNA, your genetics and hormones,” she says. One possible reason for getting this impression is the fact that, shaving alters the tip shape of the of freshly cut hair, which makes it feel different. However, by the time the hair is re-grown completely, the tip gets its former soft feeling back.  Dr. Shetty continues “another possible reason for perpetuating this myth is that underarm hair grows about 50% faster than the hair on your legs, so it’s naturally growing faster with or without shaving.”

Most hair grows about a quarter-inch per month and is a sign that your body is healthy and doing just what it’s supposed to do. “Therefore, shaving doesn’t lead to hair darker, thicker or faster hair growth. I believe and recommend shaving as one of the best, hygienic and convenient hair removal methods as compared to other methods,” she says.

Shaving with the right razor is very important for your skin. I prefer using a Gillette Venus Breeze 2-in-1 Razor (Rs 299) as it has gel bars enriched with body butter, giving you one-stroke smoothness on the go.”

Here Are Dr Rashmi Shetty’s Top 4 Shaving hacks: 

1. Don’t soak in the bath for too long before shaving

The skin will over-hydrate and swell slightly as it begins to absorb water. This will compromise the smoothness of the shave. The optimum time for a pre-shave soak is approximately 1-2 minutes.

2. Don’t apply too much pressure on your razor  

It’s very important that you pick the right razor. Forcing a razor too hard may end up leaving you with nicks.

3. Bend your knees

When shaving your legs, bend your knees to get a thorough shave on and around the area. Because the skin on the knee is loose, it is likelier that the razor might get caught in the folds of the skin if your leg is outstretched. Bending the knee makes the skin taut, which in turn makes the shave easier and more efficient.

4. Never use horizontal strokes

If upwards or downwards shaving is a controversial topic, shaving horizontally is a forbidden one. Never shave using horizontal strokes because you could slice your skin if you slide the razor sideways across the skin. Stick to vertical strokes and you’re safe.

Results Achieved

1 internal hair grow back thicker

It’s been 3 weeks since I last shaved and my skin still looks smooth and clean. There are traces of fine hair, but they aren’t visible from afar. I’m actually pretty happy with the way the results turned out. Shaving will always be my first preference when it comes to hair removal. I think it’s about time that we put this particular myth to rest. Ciao!

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