Sexy Games To Play With Your Partner To Turn The Heat Up In The Bedroom!

Sexy Games To Play With Your Partner To Turn The Heat Up In The Bedroom!

Sex is a game-changer in a relationship. Not only does it make you feel closer to your partner, but it can also be so much fun. But honestly, sex can also be a little intimidating or, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship, monotonous. That is why it is important to keep things moving!

While sex on its own is enough, adding a little fun and drama to it can’t hurt. And that’s where sex games come in. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been married for a while now, games can do things for your sex life like nothing else!

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This Is Why You Need To Add Some Fun To The Bedroom

As we’ve mentioned before it’s important to keep experimenting lest things get boring, inside and outside the bedroom. And with sex, no amount of experimenting is ever enough. After all, can you ever have enough pleasure? We think not! But if you’re still not convinced, we have a few more compelling reasons about why you need to show some sporting spirit in the room!

They Bring You Two Closer

We’ve successfully established and accepted that sex gets two people closer. It’s a necessary part of every romantic relationship and for some couples, physical intimacy is the way they express their love for each other. And that’s exactly what these sensual couple games will do. They’ll give you another way to express how you truly feel.

They’ll Revive Your Sex Life

We’ve all been in the stage of our relationship where we were stuck in a rut and it felt like it wasn’t moving forward. So if you’re there and if you don’t know how to deal with it, introducing some not-so-innocent games may be the best idea you’ve had recently. It will get rid of any old and negative pattern you’ve been stuck to and breathe in a new life to your bedroom adventures.

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Competition Is Good

Did you know that some healthy competition is actually good as long as you don’t become too aggressive? Do you have a foosball table at home? Play a seven-point game against each other and for every point one person wins, the other has to remove a piece of clothing. Nothing sounds better than this, does it?

They’ll Help You Explore New Things

A lot of people are scared of trying new things in the bedroom and being adventurous. But games can be an exciting but conflict-free way of bringing something different to the bedroom. There are a lot of card games and board games that actually help you try out new positions and if you’re tired of the missionary or the doggy style, that should be your go-to game!

You’ll Gain Confidence

We’ve all dealt with image issues at one point or the other where we’ve not felt comfortable in our bodies. Sex with your partner is a great confidence booster because it can make you feel more desirable and hot. You shouldn’t really depend on it but an additional factor that increases your confidence is always welcome. So when you’re in the middle of a game and your man is looking at you like he wants to devour you, the confidence you’ll feel in your own body and sensuality will be so empowering!

3 sexy games confidence

The Sex Will Be Amazing

The best thing to come out of these games is how amazing the sex is afterward. And let me tell you, it is so damn good. Adding a fun element to the mix always makes things better and with sex, it’ll breathe life into your intimate acts and they’ll stop feeling like routine. Plus with all the foreplay, can you imagine just how pleasurable things will be? I totally can!

How To Get Your Man Interested

While you might be really excited about adding some zing to your sex life, there is a possibility that your partner may not be. The reason can be anything - from fear of experimentation to shyness. But it’s okay for you to make the move this time and make sure he’s comfortable with what you are proposing. Here are some ways you can get your man interested in these games.

Talk Dirty To Him

Do you know the effect talking dirty has on a man? If you knew, you wouldn’t stop doing it. While you could just talk to him normally, but adding a little twist to it only makes things more interesting. So in between a dirty talk session, just bring up a game you’d like to play casually and then have fun.

4 sexy games talk dirty

Gift Him One

Another way of making him comfortable with your idea is to gift him a game. There isn’t a bigger hint than that. Just like he might have gifted you lingerie he’d love to see you in, gift him a sexy game that he’d love to play. Sometimes, taking the smallest route to the destination doesn’t mean it’s going to be the easiest.

Send Him A Reference Article

The internet is a saviour, to put it mildly. So call on it to help you in this situation. Send him a reference article with a list of games (this one will do!) and let him know that you chanced upon it randomly and would really love to try them. His reaction will help you decide your next steps. A little white lie, especially one that brings so much pleasure, doesn’t really hurt anyone.

Let Him Take The Lead

Let him come up with this idea himself. You can throw around a few hints like putting on a movie that has sexy games or leaving a tab open has a website with sexy games on it. If they interest him, he’ll suggest it himself and you can take it on from there.

5 sexy games let him lead

Dive In Head First

The best way to deal with this thing is to stop beating around the bush and talking to him directly. Challenge him to a game of strip jenga or strip poker and nobody will be the wiser. And we all know that nothing works better than a challenge to get somebody to do something. And no matter who comes out on top, you’re both winners.

Some Sexy Games You Can Play To Heat Things Up

Games For Beginners

1. Sexy Simon Says

Each person starts with “Simon Says” and then adds a sex fantasy or a wish. For example - “Simon Says kiss my neck.” The first person to mess up i.e make a move without following instructions is punished with a sex task.

2. Strip Questions

Put a twist on the good old strip poker. You can play a new game that’s actually pretty cool. Ask each other questions about yourself like ‘what’s my favourite colour’ or ‘what cuisine would I eat for the rest of my life?’ If your partner gets it right, you remove a piece of clothing and if they get it wrong, they remove it. While whoever is without clothes first, wins, in the end, both of you are winners.

6 sexy games strip

3. Hot & Cold

This is a pretty simple game to play - in fact, the only player is you. Grab some food items, something hot like melted chocolate or warm maple syrup and cold like ice cream, sorbet or champagne. Now take your man to somewhere private and blindfold him. Then remove his pants and tell him you’re going to give him a blow job. In a sexy tone, tell him you’re in the mood for some dessert. While he’s still wondering what you’ve planned, take some ice cream and then him in your mouth. You need to start out slow otherwise it’ll be too much of a shock. Then switch up things and take something warm in your mouth. His sharp intakes of breaths and moans will be victory enough.

4. Guess The Spot

This one is so easy, it’s brilliant. Think of a spot on your body. Now all he has to do is kiss you on different parts of your body till he hits the spot you were thinking of. You get to do the same thing. Whoever guesses in lesser turns wins the game.

5. Role-Play

No matter how much you talk about role-playing, it is never enough. From teacher-student to doctor-patient to strangers, each fantasy has a different feel to it and deserves to be played out!

6. A Rosy Surprise

One of the sweetest games out there, it includes rose petals and seduction cards. Each card has instructions on how to prepare a romantic surprise for your partner. While this is not only super intimate, the sex will also be more about celebrating each other’s bodies and expressing your love.

7 sexy games rosy surprise

Buy it here for Rs 2,540. 

7. All The Kinky Dares

This game is a pack of ten dares with no hint as to what a dare is. Each one takes turns to pick up envelopes with the dares written inside and then fulfill them. From role-plays to quickies to lap dances, it’ll be a fun long night.

Buy it here for Rs 690.

Games For The Super Adventurous

1. It’s All About Balance

This one is actually one of my favourites. With this game, you have one partner sitting on a table with their palms on the table. On the top of their hands, you can balance something a little risky like shot glasses - something that can actually fall off. Now they have to keep these things in place for ten minutes while you have ten minutes to do anything you want to with them, sexually. Whoever gives up or drops the things first, loses and has to do the other person’s biddings for a week. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

2. Paint The Town

Purchase body paint from a store and a plain white bedsheet. Put down the bed sheet on the floor and sensually apply paint on each other’s bodies. Once you have enough paint on your bodies, lie down on the sheet and get a little naughty on the sheet. You can keep the sheet later as a memory of a good, good time.

8 sexy games paint

3. Tarzan & Jane

Even if you’re a little bit into the wilder side of sex, you’ll love this game. The rules are simple. There will be scarves spread out on the bed. The guy’s goal is to pin the girl down and tie her arms and legs to the headboard and the footboard respectively and the girl’s goal is to make sure he’s not able to. While it may be super fun in the beginning, your animalistic and wild tendencies will soon come to the surface. But a super important thing to remember in this is to not cross lines or remember the basics of consent.

4. Guess The Next Move

This game is so 50 Shades Of Grey. One partner is blindfolded and the other performs sex acts on the blindfolded one. These sex acts can include things like oral sex, nipple stimulation, penetration, penetration with a sex toy, being spanked, getting a hickey and similar ones. If the blindfolded one guesses correctly, they get an orgasm and if they don’t you get to hold out on them. But, again, remember that consent is of prime importance.

5. Sensory Deprivation

Another pretty risque game. Senses are a very big factor in pleasure so when you deprive anyone of even one sense, it’ll heighten all others and make them even more sensitive to the sensations. While blindfolding is the most common, another pretty good idea is to blindfold and put earphones on with blaring music. Anything you do to your partner will be a surprise to them and they’ll be on the edge the whole time.

9 sexy games sensory deprivation

6. Marc-oh Pol-oh!

This is a twist on the classic pool game. While you are both in the pool, blindfold yourself and follow the voice of your partner to reach him as he constantly changes his position. Once you catch hold of him, pool sex is the next (and only) the best thing to do. Be sure there aren’t people around unless you’re totally okay with it!

7. Fetish Fun

Is your adventurous streak taking you over to the BDSM side? Well, we’ve got the perfect introductory game for you. With this board game you can spank, handcuff and role-play your way to the end of the game. The best part, though? This game will help you discover the deepest fantasies you didn’t even know you had.

Buy it here for Rs 2,540.

Games For When You’ve Just Started Dating

1. Sensation City

One partner is blindfolded and the other gathers a variety of sexual objects like ice, a feather duster, hand cream and similar things. The blindfolded person lies down naked and guesses what their partner is using. This will teach you to be more present in the moment and feel the sensations rather than be distracted during sex. Whoever gets the most correct guesses wins.

10 sexy games kissing

2. Would-You-Rather

This is a wonderful way to get to know each other, even better if you make it super dirty. Ask each other really naughty would-you-rather questions. Bonus tip: you can actually perform the sex acts your partner chooses during the game.

3. The ‘Try Not To Have Sex’

This game is super effective when you’ve just started dating because the sexual tension is already at a peak in the honeymoon period. Both of you have to entice each other in a way that the other person is forced to give in and initiate sex. The one who gives in first is the loser. While it may seem like a silly game, the sexual tension that is built in this period will drive you crazy!

4. Fill In The Blanks

It is a texting game that is super fun when you’ve not known each other for too long. Text each other sentences like “How do you feel when I…” or “You had the best sex with me when…”. The only rule is that you two have to be honest and ask/answer the first thing that comes to your mind.

5. The Position Challenge

Since you’re new at the whole sex-with-each-other thing, see how many sex positions you can fit into one sex sesh. Not only will this help the sex last longer, every time you two set a record, but you can also celebrate it by doing something really cool and special.

11 sexy games sex positions

6. Let’s Fool Around

With the pack of cards included in the game, shuffle them and fan them out on a table. Then each player picks up a card and does what’s written on it. Since the two of you have just started dating, this game will make it easier to get closer to each other.

Buy it here for Rs 1,000.

7. Oral Fun

With this game, you’ll be giving and receiving oral sex in every way possible. You’ll literally have your mouth and hands full during the game. *wink*

Buy it here for Rs 2,540.

8. Never Have I Ever

Say out loud the one sexy thing you’ve never done before and if your partner hasn’t done it either, take a shot and then proceed to perform the said sexy thing! Thank us later, yeah?

Games For When You’ve Been Married A While

1. The Wish Box

This is actually a game you can start one evening and continue for months. On a piece of paper, each partner writes down a few sex acts you’d like to try. It could be as simple as ‘a make-out session that doesn’t end in sex’ to something more out there like ‘trying out sex toys together’. Fold these chits up and keep them in a box and make a tradition - something like you’ll pick a chit every month and then the partner will have to do that task. Imagine the extended foreplay, we’re sure you are already squirming with pleasure!

12 sexy games wish box

2. Movie Goals

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life because it has been in a slump, try and recreate one of the sexiest scenes you’ve seen in a movie. In fact, you can make it into a competition by seeing how well you were able to complete the scene. It will actually help you work harder in the bedroom.

3. The Dice Of Love

All you need for this game is a pair of dice, sheets of paper and a pen. Make two columns and name them odd and even. On one side, write six fantasies and on the other side, write six locations. Then throw the pair and then do the fantasy act on the location. For example, if you get to go down on the dining table when he throws the dice then he goes down on you on the dining table!

4. Scratch Tickets

Sometimes, when you’ve been married for a while, the spark of the relationship starts to fade. It is exactly then that you need some spontaneity and fun to be added to the mix. And these scratch tickets are perfect for that. Gift them to your partner and all they need to do is scratch a ticket to gain a favor.

Buy it here for Rs 740.

5. Walk To Me, Honey

Lie down on the bed naked and have your man stand at the door of the bedroom. Now ask him personal questions about yourself and for every question, he answers correctly, he moves one step forward and for an incorrect answer, he takes a step back. Once he reaches the bed, go at it with all the fire and passion that was building up.

13 sexy games walk to me

6. The Finish Line

Lie side by side and start masturbating. Whoever orgasms first have to give their partner oral or manual stimulation until they climax too. Not only will holding out make the pleasure sweeter, masturbating in front of each other actually increases the intimacy in the relationship.

7. UNO

A lot like strip poker but with every draw two - two pieces of your clothes come off and similarly withdraw four. Whoever gets naked first, loses! Or wins, depending on where you’re looking from!

Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Safe Space

In any relationship, it is so important for both the partners to create a safe space where the other one feels comfortable expressing their opinions, fears, ambitions and very importantly, their sexuality. A relationship can be called healthy when you can, without fear of judgment or ridicule, be who you are and say what you feel. When you want to introduce something new in the bedroom department, your partner should be able to express their inhibitions so that you can work through them together. Here are a few pointers about consent and safe spaces that you need to remember at all times.

Consent Is ALWAYS Given Freely

The basic two rules of consent are that it is always given freely and articulated in a clear manner. Any ambiguous signals or words cannot be classified as consent and in no case should it be obtained under pressure or coercion. This not only applies to you but to your partner as well. So ask him openly and directly if he’s consenting to what is going to be happening and ask him to extend the same courtesy to you. It may sound excessive for something as fun as naughty games but it is very important.

14 sexy games consent

You Need To Let Your Partner Express Freely

Don’t be judgemental of your partner’s wishes, demands or opinions. What may be okay with you may not be okay with them. So make sure you don’t make them feel uncomfortable expressing themselves.

Decide On Hard Limits & Safe Words

It is better to prepare a little beforehand. The two of you need to sit together and discuss what’s okay and what’s not. Also, mutually decide on a safe word to use, if things get uncomfortable or out of hand so that your partner knows they need to stop.

Be A Little Restrained

While it is really easy to get carried away and forget where you are, you need to hold back a little so that you don’t hurt your partner - physically or emotionally. Constantly check in on each other and hold out on going too hard unless that’s the stuff that works for you two.

15 sexy games restrain

Voice Your Feelings

We cannot stress how important it is to voice what you are feeling. If anything feels wrong or off, speak up immediately and let your partner know. That’s the only way to keep the channels of communication open.

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This story was updated in January 2019.

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