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7 Popular Games - And Their Super *Dirty* Versions!

7 Popular Games - And Their Super *Dirty* Versions!

We’ve all played board games as kids on those rainy days, but what about as adults? Not really, right? Well, things are about to change! It’s time to spice up your sex life and add a bit of dirt (figuratively) in your bedroom. Here are a few of our old school favourite games...but with a sexy twist so you can get nasty with your partner!

1. Poker

Hello? Strip poker is legit the craziest game to give your night a twist. And if you’re open to experiment then call over a few friends? The more the merrier!

sexy games 01

Buy a complete Poker Set (Rs 698) from Amazon and get started!

2. Twister

There is zero personal space in Twister any which ways, now imagine naked Twister! I’m sure your partner and you will barely get past one round before it ends in something more.

Here is generic Twister (Rs 319) that’ll get you going.

3. Monopoly

Replace the different destination on the board with sexual acts that you’ve been dying to try out. And maybe jail time can be substituted with a quickie? Put on your thinking cap!

The Monopoly (Rs 566) that ruined many friendship might be the best thing to happen to your game night!

4. Scrabble

Not outrightly sexual, but will get the ball rolling. Scrabble but with just sexy words, so go ahead and drop some hints!

sexy games 04

The original Scrabble (Rs 549) and some dirty thoughts is all you need.

5. Never Have I Ever

Say out loud the one sexy thing you’ve never done before and if your partner hasn’t done it either, take a shot and then proceed to perform said sexy thing! Thank us later, yeah?

6. Dumb Charades

Instead of movies, act out some sex position and if your partner can’t guess it, they have to perform it...with you, of course!

7. UNO

A lot like strip poker but with every draw two - two pieces of your clothing come off and similarly with draw four. Whoever gets naked first, loses! Or wins, depending on where you’re looking from!

sexy games 07

Practice your UNO (Rs 125) skills to make the most of your night together!

Let the games begin!

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Published on Oct 9, 2017
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