What Is His Favourite Sex Position... According To Zodiac!

What Is His Favourite Sex Position... According To Zodiac!

Each zodiac sign has its own way of looking at love and sex. And so do the men who belong to these signs. This weekend, blow away your partner’s mind with sex positions hand picked particularly for his zodiac sign. He’s sure to be pleasantly surprised about your intuitiveness!

1. Aries

This sign loves basking in attention, they are all about being pampered. Get on top, and give him all the love he deserves, cowgirl style.

01 sex positions

2. Taurus

One of the most sensual signs, he loves the naughty side of you. So don’t hold back, and try any of the yogi sex positions (yoga inspired) that would get your partner hot and bothered!

02 sex positions

Throw in a naughty weekend set (Rs 2,925) to help with the foreplay.

3. Gemini

A gemini loves challenges. Your sexual pleasure gives him an adrenaline rush. There is nothing he wouldn’t try, but the pinball wizard (missionary, but you arch your back and he remains on his knees) is his favourite sex position.

03 sex positions

4. Cancer

Second only to a pisces when it comes to wanting intimacy, they like feeling secure with their partner. Spider monkey (hugging each other while sitting down and having sex) will work for both of you as he gets to hold you close.

04 sex positions

Put on a sexy lingerie set (Rs 1,398) and show him you care.

5. Leo

His dominant personality is on display in the bedroom as well, so yes he loves missionary and doggy style where he’s in full control.

05 sex positions

6. Virgo

Virgos are over-achievers by nature. So if you tell him you want to try something new, he’ll agree in a second. Try giving him a little against-the-wall action, it’ll take him by surprise.

06 sex postions

The sex dice (Rs 525) will give him new targets to achieve!  

7. Libra

He is in love with your relationship and needs to feel you against him at all times. But the classic missionary is too boring for him, take it sideways instead as you both cuddle and have sex at the same time.

07 sex positions

8. Scorpio

Intimacy and domination go hand in hand for this sign. Having you sprawled over him sideways gives him access to spank you and further stimulate the situation.

08 sex positions

Explore his inner Mr. Grey with the fetish fun board game (Rs 2,540) or hand him a vibrator (Rs 5,600) so he can pay you extra attention.

9. Sagittarius

Very expressive by nature, a sagittarius man needs room to express himself. You get on top but from between his legs, so he can hold you and maybe even try sitting up to hit all your right spots.

09 sex positions

10. Capricorn

He might seem like the kind of guy who likes to get straight to the point but when he’s with the right girl, a capricorn man can get playful. Try missionary but with your legs on his shoulders for deeper penetration.

10 sex positions

11. Aquarius

Intimacy isn’t his top priority, he just likes to have sex without the emotional aspect in his line of sight. His favourite would be you on your stomach as he takes you from behind.

11 sex positions

12. Pisces

The most giving sign of the zodiac, he’s sensitive, passionate and will be dominant or submissive according to your needs. Try the magic mountain (you both fit each other like scissors while meeting from across the bed), where you both get to meet each other right in the middle.

12 sex positions

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Have a sexy weekend!