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5 Top Reasons You Should Watch Blade Runner 2049

5 Top Reasons You Should Watch Blade Runner 2049

Recently, Ryan Gosling put a smile on our faces with a special message for his Indian fan base. Now we’re thrilled about his new movie hitting the theatres, Blade Runner 2049. As a continuation of the film Blade Runner, shot in the 80s, this movie is definitely a treat to the eyes! Not only is the movie a visual spectacle, but it has also received rave reviews. If you haven’t yet found enough reasons to watch this new version of the classic cult, then we have listed 5 legit ones!

1. Ryan, Oh, Ryan!

Ryan Gosling is charming, smart, a loving husband… and a total hunk! Getting to see him on screen for over 2 hours is pure bliss. Wouldn’t you agree?  

1watch blade runner

2. Quest to find Harrison Ford

If you have seen the first Blade Runner, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Let’s just say, it will be a treat to watch Harrison Ford again. We don’t want to kill the suspense for you, you see!

3. You’ll enjoy the movie even if you haven’t seen the original Blade Runner

And if you don’t want to go back on watching the old version, it’s okay! You’ll still be able to catch on and we promise and it’s an amazing movie!

3 watch blade runner

4. Top notch performances

While Harrison Ford and Gosling have done an excellent job, we’re huge fans of the production. It’s not an easy task to create a sci-fi movie especially when you have the pressure of a great first one. But the entire cast and crew has done complete justice to the old movie!

5. Sneak peek into the future

From flying cars to gorgeous landscapes, everything has been beautifully imagined. Not just imaged, but it’s very well executed too! Give yourself a break from the real world and set your imagination on fire with this awesome movie that has visuals that will definitely lead you to the future!

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