8 Reasons Sex After A Fight Is Ah-mazing!

8 Reasons Sex After A Fight Is Ah-mazing!

Have you ever indulged in sex after a fight? If yes, you know it’s awesome and if not, we are here to give you reasons it’s mind blowing. It’s a full-fledged adventure in its own with raging tempers, squirming hormones, a spanking here and a hard thud there. After all, who would say no to great sex, right?

1. Best Time To Try BDSM!

We know you agree with us on that girl!

1 sex after a fight couple kissing

And while you’re at it, you obviously need a pair of handcuffs. Buy one here on Amazon for Rs 185.

2. It’s A Stress Buster!

Instead of breaking plates and slamming doors, sex is the action your body needs.

3. No Romance. Just Sex.

No shaving, no candle-lit dinner, no mood setting, no music and no dim lights. Just raw, unbridled sex.

As much as you’d want to get down to the business straight away during sex after a fight, you always need to keep some condoms handy. Buy a pack of 10 Durex Condoms for Rs 133 on Amazon.  

4. You Can Go Rough With The Rage!

Of course, within acceptable parameters though. A little spanking won’t hurt anyone.

4 sex after a fight sexy couple

5. You Reconnect With Your Partner!

Trust us, the heightened emotions make it the best one ever.

6. BEST Way To Makeup After A Fight!

Sometimes sex feels like an easier hassle-free solution!

Make such nights all the more memorable with super soft 100% Cotton Printed Bedsheets from Home Ecstasy (Rs 799).

7. Anger Goes Away In A Jiffy!

Whatta solution, sir ji!

7 sex after a fight couple bed

8. It’s A Win-Win!

You get some monkey sex and the fight gets over, what more does one need?

And after you’re done, y’ll can snack on Lay’s Magic Masala (Rs 57) or even cook Maggi (Rs 67) for each other.

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