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Why You Should Definitely Use Condoms While Having Sex, No Matter What!

Why You Should Definitely Use Condoms While Having Sex, No Matter What!

We’ve been harping about the importance of using protection during sex by way of using condoms for a long time now. Yes, it is a little inconvenient and breaks the flow of things (or so we hear from everyone who hates using condoms). But, having said that, it still is your best bet against STIs, unwanted pregnancies and a host of other infections like UTIs. But if you aren’t convinced enough, we have another reason to use condoms right about now.

A research in Australia has found that if you have unprotected, penetrative sex with a man who did not wrap his baby maker before he gave it to you, you might end up disturbing your ‘vagina biome’. Say what?

1 reason to use condom

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Yes, having sex without condoms may ruin the balance of healthy bacteria in your vajayjay; thereby, increasing the risk of bacterial infections like UTIs and Vaginosis.

A research team at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre tracked the bacteria living in the vaginas of 52 women over the course of one year. The women were young students and a huge percentage of them had not had penetrative sex at the start of the study. They were asked to swab their vaginas every three months as well as asked to maintain a log of the sexual intercourse they have throughout the year, whether unprotected or not. After an year, the researchers compared the log they had collected to the swabs to find out if it affected the vagina or not.

2 reason to use condoms

The study found that women who had unprotected penile-vaginal sex were more likely to get non-pathogenic bacteria from their partners along with urinary tract infections. This is because while a healthy vagina has only one strain of bacteria, unprotected sex can lead v-biomes to be dominated by two strains of bacteria; thus, leading to infections.

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But don’t worry! All hope isn’t lost yet! Penises aren’t bad for the vagina, it’s just that the vagina needs to get used to the partner’s particular bacteria strains and levels. So you’re safe with your long-term partners. If you have a new sexual partner, then you might need to worry a little! But nevertheless, it pays to be safer than sorrier. So, stay safe and just get him to wear a condom, ladies!

3 reason to use condoms

Also, excuse me while I go buy myself a big pack of protection! Better condoms than UTIs!

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