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#RealBridesReveal: 5 Brides & The *Only* Regrets They Had With Their Wedding Outfits!

#RealBridesReveal: 5 Brides & The *Only* Regrets They Had With Their Wedding Outfits!

There are just so many emotions attached to your wedding lehenga. And while bride’s go great lengths to pick their dream wedding outfit, it’s no surprise that a lot of times they still end up having a few regrets. It could be regarding the colour that didn’t look as pretty or the fabric that did not photograph well. So we asked 5 real brides about the one thing they regret about their wedding outfit and for all the brides-to-be, these are some major pointers to keep in mind.  Read on to find out...

1. My sister wore the same colour as me!

1 wedding outfits same colour lehenga

“Well, to be honest, I loved my wedding outfit. I bought my pretty pink lehenga months before my wedding day and loved every bit of it. But then my sister also happened to buy a lehenga for herself in the exact same colour. My regret was not that I bought a pink lehenga, but that my sister's lehenga was also of the same shade! So if I could go back in time, I would have not let her buy it!”

- Tanvi Shrivastava, Delhi

2. I will probably never be able to wear it again!

2 wedding outfits too red

“I always wanted to wear a bright red lehenga on my D-Day, and that is exactly what I did! I found my perfect outfit and wore it with a lot of happiness and elegance. But little did I know that the bright red colour would mean that I will never be able to wear it again at any other wedding. After all, I don’t want to look like a bride at somebody else’s wedding!”

- Natasha Chopra, Delhi

3. What if I’d chosen a different colour…!

3 wedding outfits different colour

“My biggest regret is not going ahead with my plan of getting a navy blue or black lehenga. I got sucked into the wedding madness and said yes to a fuchsia coloured one instead. While I was happy with the way it turned out, black and navy are absolute stunners and I've always wondered what if…”

- Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer, POPxo

4. I spent way tooo much money on it!

4 wedding outfits too heavy and expensive

“I got married a long time back and totally loved my outfit when I saw it in the showroom. Heavy embroidery and zari work were all the rage then and I did not hesitate even a little bit before finalizing and buying it. The only thing I regret now is spending 70K on an outfit which I will never be able to wear again in my life, all thanks to its weight and design which has now probably gone out of fashion!”

- Somya Johri, Delhi

5. I didn’t choose the right fabric according to the season!

5 wedding outfits wrong fabric

“My wedding was in August, while it was still quite hot in Delhi. But while choosing the outfit, I did not pay much attention to the fabric of it. I got a very pretty floor length anarkali in raw silk and I regret that decision till date. I got so many compliments for my outfit, but I really wish I had picked a lighter, more summery fabric.”

- Kulneet Kaur, Delhi

Published on Oct 27, 2017
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